Better late than never

You know those jobs that just won’t come into focus?

The ones where you have a nebulous idea, a great idea, but one which just won’t reveal its details to you? Yeah… This was one of those jobs. I knew I wanted to make a Christmas gift for my friend Lyn, Lotti Greyhound’s mum. I knew I wanted it to be a Lotti-themed item. But I couldn’t get it to come into focus. A few days ago, it finally clicked, but I didn’t have everything I needed.

And here, finally, it is. Lovely Lotti in all her sleek and slinky glory,¬† stretched at ease on her comfy bed, with a silly greyhound grin on her chops and one balletic paw poised at exactly the right angle… I picked out colours from within the photo to frame it out as a cushion. I cropped and tweaked and added a soft, vintage-y filter. I added a caption and flipped the whole thing, then made an iron-on transfer. The rest is pretty straightforward cushion-making, and I won’t bore you with it.

Mouse approves of the portrait of his girlfriend, even if he’s not sure why this cushion is going out of the house, since all cushions are apparently his property…

I’m glad I got it done before Christmas is entirely over!