Tiny sewing is done

I’ve finished the tiny sewing room model kit.

Do click on the image and zoom in for a closer look. It’s adorable. The little light really brings the whole thing to life. I changed out a few of the fabrics used; the ones they provided were a) a bit dull, and b) rather stiff. I think, for example, that my curtains are much more cheerful than the single blue one they suggested. There have been comparatively few tweaks, though. Some things I’d change, some things were not entirely clear on the instruction pages, but overall it was easier than I feared.

For the next one, I’ve added superglue to my toolkit. Sometimes you need the instant hard set, but most of the time I liked the wood glue because it allowed me to tweak, reposition and even pull apart if necessary. I’d also recommend adding rubber bands, clamps and glue stick to the toolkit, to aid with securing things so they dried in the correct position.

I’ve got another kit lined up, but this one’s going to be hush-hush as it’s a secret gift. I’ll post about it once it’s out in the open.

And now, it’s time for something completely different.

How much more will fit?

It’s getting to be a LOT.

I’ve finished the cheval mirror, the stool and the fabric roll display stand. I don’t think I could squeeze a whole lot more into this miniature sewing room, and the instruction book is rapidly approaching the section on actual construction of the set.

These models are really well thought out and designed. It seems a lot, but once it’s all it, it’ll look totally like a busy sewing room, and it’s the quantity of small details that contribute to that effect. Notice, for example, the tiny white vase on the corner of the display stand, the vase of flowers, the fact that there’s two pairs of scissors (one would be completely unrealistic, right?).

Anyway, onwards. I have a lot to do today, and not on this. I expect I’ll get an hour or so later, but I’m not counting on it.

But the next piece (the chair) is calling my name…

The tiny table

Another bit of the kit finished.

This is the worktable that goes in the sewing room. You saw it yesterday, with just the cutting mat on it. Now, the rest of the items are finished: the tool box, rulers, flowers (both lots), cotton reels, book, roll of fabric, storage jar, drinking glass and scissors. Some of the bits are pre-made. The vast majority are not.

For an idea of the scale, each of the squares of the cutting mat this table is sitting on are an inch (2.5cm).

And I’m not even slightly fed up with it yet. Next will be the display stand for rolls of fabric, but that’s a pleasure for tomorrow. My fingers are creaking and it’s time to eat my delicious fish curry.

More tomorrow, probably.