The Adventures of Mouse: Life’s a beach

Although what’s wrong with being a bitch I fail to see….

Speaking as a doggo, of course. But Mum says this is more polite, and due to the nature of this post, appropriate. Oh well, in that case. The things I let the Staff get away with. (Gosh, his Lordship can be snarky at times – Mum)

Anyway, onwards. This place has a jolly fine beach. Doggos are permitted year round, off-leash before 8am and after 4pm, leashed the rest of the time. Mum says if I want another walk later this afternoon, we might arrange it to be after 4pm so I can Run. This is pretty generous of her, considering how, um, distressed, she was when I found a large dead fish head to roll in this morning. She pounced before I’d had time to do more than rub one cheek on it, but it was clear that I wasn’t going to be allowed to apply that particular eau de pong

Anyway, for the interested, here’s the view at Kinka Beach. Off to the left somewhere is Great Keppel Island. Bear in mind this is early winter, and although it’s a well-known holiday destination and the snow-birds are here, we had the place to ourselves…


I don’t suppose there will be much to report today. Now that the Staff are no longer rabid pie-hunters and Mum has to watch her intake a bit, things are much less interesting on the begging-for-a-taste front. Groceries are being bought later, I expect I’ll get a bit of cheese, but for now, I’ll concentrate on topping up the snooze-tank.

Till the next time,

The Travels of Mouse: saving the best for last

Yes, you read that right.

The very best of all the new camping places is also the nearest to home. The Discovery Parks Coolwaters at Kinka Beach, Yeppoon, is far and away the nicest we’ve stayed in on this trip. So nice, in fact, that Mum has suggested that we come back here for a short break later in the year. It’s only a short distance from home (360km, or 225 miles), it takes about 4 hours to drive rather than the 8 hours to Cairns, our most favourite place, and it’s very pretty, and very, very comfortable. The only downside is that the drive is on rather bad road and is very dull. But with this to look forward to, I don’t think any of us will mind.

OK, some facts. It’s 150 acres of Conservation Park, which means that native wildlife is encouraged and protected. However, doggos (but not cats) are allowed if fully restrained at all times. There are unpowered and powered camping sites, en suite powered sites, 4 levels of cabin accommodation and a fair number of people who choose to live here year round (can’t say I blame them – Mum). There’s tennis, volley-ball, function and games rooms, a swimming pool and water park, a bouncing pillow and playground, a BMX track, picnic and barbecue areas, 2 fire pits, 5 laundries… well, you get the idea. On top of which, it’s where Causeway Lake gives out into Shoal Bay, so there’s water on both sides. It’s beautiful, well cared-for and very peaceful. The potentially noisy stuff like the water park, playground and sports activities are away from the main camping area. The road outside isn’t busy.

Twice a week, a wood-fired pizza van pulls up outside and you can have your own creation made up to order, fresh and sizzling from the on-board wood oven. We managed to score a drive-through site with a deluxe en suite, and get this: we get our own private washing machine. No putting coins in slots! And a huge shower with boiling hot water and shower pressure that made Dad grin like a lunatic (I did not – Dad) (Yes you did – Mum). Whatever. Humans and their showers…

So, you can tell we all like it. There’s lots of walkies options for me, whether it’s within the park or just outside, down the road to the neighbouring boat ramp, or even any of the local beaches where doggos are allowed. It’s relaxing for the Staff; the onward journey home is very short, and we don’t have to rush to pack up, we can stay until 10am. Last night was beautiful, warm and breezy without being sweaty, lots of huge stars. I was very relaxed, enough that I let two small strangers pet me and stroke me without shying away, which is practically unheard of. The Staff sat about with their feet up, the neighbours were friendly, and all was well with our world.

And today, we’re going Home. We’re all looking forward to our own beds. The Staff have two more whole days off before Dad has to go back to work (days off being a very loose term meaning I get to unpack and clean the caravan and Dad gets to chop back the jungle aka our back yard – Mum). I will simply settle straight back into my normal routine of breakie, snooze, walkies, snooze, run round the back yard like a loony, snooze, dinner, snooze, etc.

It has been a nice trip. It was fun to see Uncle Kev and Aunty Chrissy, Uncle Jim and Aunty Shelley, Itt the Cat and young Shorty. We had some delicious food along the way as already posted, including an honourable mention for Mr Ed’s Coffee van between Bundaberg and Miriam Vale, where the coffee was great and the caramel slice was outstanding (according to the Staff, I didn’t get any of course). It was interesting to try out new places to stay. It was brilliant finding this one.

But it will be best of all to Go Home.