Not too strenuous…

I am under orders.

No bending or heavy lifting (over 5kg/10 pounds), no exercise over a gentle stroll, no hot drinks, no nose blowing.

Well, that’s the housework neatly disposed of. What am I supposed to do with my time while I wait for my newly re-cauterised nose to heal?

(And let me just say while I’m at it that both the procedure and the recovery hurt. A punch in the face is perhaps a tad nastier, but not much, and I have a slight black eye and swollen bit beside my nose. He cauterised three more spots and said if it broke open again, surgery will be the only option. So I’d better not let it break open. Quite apart from all the laundry my nosebleeds generate, I just don’t want yet another surgery).

Well, obviously, making scrappy stuff for the Days for Girls raffle. It’s gentle, no heavy lifting involved, and while I mourn the lack of cups of coffee while I work, I’ll struggle through somehow…

So, for my latest offering, I bring you:

A set of 6 placemats, made from remnants and leftovers from the Twilight quilt.

A heat pad, made from leftovers from a top I made myself and a scrap from the Hatbox Quilt

There are 5 more mats/heat pads in the pipeline, and then I shall probably take a small break before launching into bag production.

I’m getting a bit bored. But bored is better than bleeding.


Curry camouflage

A while ago, I bought some fabric.

No, really?

The remnants bin at Spotlight has a strange fascination for me, and I bought a wonky 90cm/36in end-of-bolt of heavy linen furnishing fabric because I adored the colour and design, not because I had a purpose in mind. It’s too heavy for clothing, so I had no excuse, really…

Anyway, last night as I was flinging my Japanese-style cross-back apron into the wash for the millionth time due to spillage I realised that I needed a second one. And the lightbulb went on. Of course, the fabric wasn’t big enough to cut the pieces all in one, but it was a good width and I did a bit of piecing, and I think the result is quite satisfactory.

And while I was on the use-every-bit kick, I did a lot more piecing, and made myself a matching heat pad. I’ve pieced some scrap batting and found a rather too narrow strip of leftover fabric from the Tyger quilt for the binding, which I’ll make work somehow. I’ll dig out something for the backing at some later stage.

Not much usable fabric left. Life is too short for scraps as small as these; the fabric frays if you just look at it.

Those selvedges are nice and study, though, so I’m saving them for some future use.

And the title of this post? It’s because my friend Chippy says the apron is perfect to “camouflage curry splashes”! So true, and let’s face it, there are plenty of those in my life.

So, my shirt fronts are once again safe ūüėä

The Secret Revealed

These were for a gift, so I couldn’t post about them before.

Susan Druding teapot

The border is actually a mid-dark green, not black as it appears in this photo; it tones well with the leaves in the teapot print.

Piece by Number cups

The willow pattern fabric was an obvious choice; it was a gift from Viv* when I was making the Worldwide Friends quilt, and I had some left.

One of my blogging friends, Dale from the blog Ella Dee, has just moved from Sydney to mid-north coast New South Wales, to a tiny township deep in the countryside. She and her husband are taking the plunge into a calmer, saner life in a wonderful old house.

I missed getting them to her before the move itself, which was just before Christmas (as if the festive season wasn’t mad enough!), so I wanted to get these ready in time for the start of the New Year as well as their New Life.

We’ll be visiting them early next year, but I didn’t want to wait, and I didn’t want her to wait, so they’ve gone off in the mail today. If Dale sees them here, well, it won’t be¬†long till¬†the real things arrive, and there’s a fair chance she won’t spot them before they arrive anyway!

In case you’re interested, the cups are a free paper piecing pattern from Piece by Number, and there are three other styles too, all 4″ blocks, so perfect for mug rugs.¬†The teapot is another free pattern, designed by Susan Druding, and is an 8″ block, which I thought would make a very good sized tea or coffee pot heat pad. There are actually two teapot patterns in the link; I preferred the taller design. Lots of fiddly small bits, and my quilting is a tiny bit, um, organic, but I don’t think their new owners will be bringing out the ruler to check! It was all done freehand and at speed, hence the slight wobbliness.

Tomorrow I take the plunge back into The Cloths of Heaven. It’s time to start cutting the 240 coloured squares that will form the wide border around the central landscape. I shall enjoy arranging the squares considerably more than the pressing and cutting, but once it’s done, it’s done. 4 long side pieces and 4 square corner pieces to be made up: cut, stitched, sandwiched and quilted, then attached to the central panel with sashing strips.

After that, there’s one last big job. The outer border with the yoyos. Lots and lots of yoyos…




On the chain gang

I’m very tired.

Between us, the Husband and I have shifted a cubic metre of fist-sized river stone, and a cubic metre of hardwood wood chips, dug up about 7 square metres of turf, laid weed matting and got all three garden pods ready for their planting medium. It’s been warm, sunny weather, and we’ve laboured hard.

So, no gleeful exposition of finished quilts. In between times, while the Husband is getting his afternoon sleep before night shift, I get a little sewing done. But I’m usually tired, achey and my hands are sore, so I’m not making much progress.

I haven’t been entirely lacking in creativity, though:

Screen shot 2014-05-25 at 10.07.59 PM

Egglantine has now joined her earlier sisters Eggatha and Eggnes. ¬†And that will be quite enough of that. As my friend Cath over at Wombat Quilts ( says, perhaps it’s time for an intervention…? ¬†They are, after all, just egg cosies.

Screen shot 2014-05-25 at 10.08.24 PM

And I’ve made a nice heat pad from the two spare Broken Bottles blocks. Maybe¬†I’ll send it to Yvonne with her quilt. Or maybe¬†I’ll keep it for myself. I’ll see how generous I feel when the quilt’s ready. And speaking of Broken Bottles, the quilting is about 2/3 done. There’s one bit I have to unpick, it’s looking a bit bulgy, but it’s just a small line. For the rest, I’m pleased with how it’s going.

Off to rest my weary bones. Tomorrow is the day for getting the lucerne hay and compost for the pods, and then, finally, I can plant!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.