Emu dressed as chicken

It’s the only explanation.

My Girls are still young, and I wouldn’t normally expect Extra Large (60g) eggs from chooks until their second year. However, they’re regularly producing eggs in the Large to Extra Large range, which I feel indicates they are well-fed and contented.

However, I think there’s an interloper in the flock.

It HAS to be an emu. It’s the only explanation.

Below, an Extra Large egg, at 59g/2oz.  Above… well, on its own, it weighed 110g/nearly 4oz. Ouch.

The Husband and I will be squabbling over who gets this one for breakfast – it’s clearly a double-yolker. I have yet to discover which of the Girls offered up this monster. I only know it’s not Lacey, who lays more petite darker brown eggs. I have my suspicions, and Peachy is top of the list…

I’ll be keeping an eye on that girl.