Queen of Hearts

Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 5.00.58 PMThat’s me. All 100 hearts finished on Happiness.

I’d actually started quilting lines in the white sashing. Stopped. Looked at it. Ripped it all out. I don’t like it. So Happiness is sitting draped over a chair in the living room where I can consider options for holding the layers together a bit more without long lines of quilting. Currently I’m favouring tiny buttons in colours to blend with the squares: blue, aqua, pink, red and yellow. 20 of each, colours distributed fairly randomly, and sewn through all the layers at the sashing intersections. When I say tiny, I mean something about 3/8″ or about 3/4cm. I’m well and truly ready to finish this quilt, and I’m not ready to start another round of complicated quilting, so I’m thinking the buttons will win. If not buttons, then embroidery floss ties.

Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 5.05.47 PMI’ve had a bit more fun with the weeny knitting needles and red wool. Look! Moss stitch, 2k2p ribbing, stockinette and basket stitch. To be frank, I’m starting to hate those tiny needles and am well and truly ready for grown up ones, rather like graduating from training wheels on your bike. But it’s been a fun exercise in very basic pattern reading. I didn’t even rip any of it out… I don’t see any mistakes, but the more expert among you probably will.

There’s one good thing about this knitting lark, which is that I don’t need to do it in my sewing room, I can actually spend time with the Husband, even if I am going “shhh, I’m counting” an awful lot!