Feeling the weather

Yeah, weird title.

Bear with me.  The past couple of weeks has been mentally and physically… trying. I’ve been having extra back pain for a few weeks now, in a new place. As always with a cancer patient, the doctor was disposed to do a bit of investigating, and because of previous back surgery, he put a bit of a rush on it. Off to the CT scanner I went. Now, I think you’ll agree that images like this will cause a little stress in someone whose cancer is predisposed to metastasise into the spine….

My T8 vertebra, with mystery object

However.  It’s not the bad news I’ve been stressing about for days and days. I have IVP, or intervertebral vacuum phenomenon, or air pockets between the vertebral end plate and the disk. Probably caused by osteophytic degeneration of the endplate, or old age, to those of us speaking English. Oh, there are other issues too, which will cause problems down the road, but that’s pretty much to be expected with the degeneration that’s going on.

One of the interesting things about IVP is that not only is it affected by position and posture, it’s also sensitive to atmospherics. I feel atmospheric high and low pressure in my back. It’s storm season here, and we’re having an endless band of thunderstorms passing over us. Not only is poor doggo in a constant state of stress, but I’m also getting gyp from it. Happy days.

On a more cheerful note, I now have additional medication which is working a treat. But if you tell me about the bad weather and I say, “I feel your pain”, I mean it… literally.

Excuse me, I’m off to tai chi while the sun is shining!