Choli #2: progress on the fully fitted version

So, it’s cut out, ready to sew.

I spent a solid hour cutting out and transferring all the pattern marks, but given how fitted this is going to be, it was definitely not optional!

This is a firm, tightly woven printed sateen. I reckon it’ll hold the shaping nicely without being droopy. I also love the print pattern, so I reckon I’d also be happy to wear it with a pair of high-waisted pants. I did have to be careful about not centring one of the big blue roses anywhere… inappropriate. Sadly, there wasn’t quite enough fabric to cut elbow-length sleeves, which I’d have preferred. Still, the cap sleeves I could achieve will be fine. The world will have to live with the sight of my biceps (not too bad) and bingo-wings (not so great)!

I still need to work out how much of/whether a front edge extension is needed as well as a facing for the fastening. Given that there’s a dart in the centre front edge and I have yet to establish if it still needs a little adjustment, I can’t cut the edge/facing yet, but I’ve cut strips that will do the job when the time comes.

Tomorrow, I have to stitch all the darts in and baste the shoulders and side seams. Only then can I see any minor adjustments that might be needed. Of course, at that point, I’d then have to unpick, adjust the pattern to match, and then reassemble. It’s a long process, but the end result is a completely personalised pattern, uniquely fitted to my shape.

This whole process is becoming increasingly interesting for me as I rediscover lost knowledge and skills: Ooooh, manipulating the grain for more ease in the fit of a tight sleeve! Hey, pivot points to help you reposition a dart! Rotating the shoulder seam further back for more ease of movement in a tight arm-scye… Well, you get the idea.

Which has made me think. The Husband is also going to need an outfit for the birthday event a few years hence. Hmmm…. sherwani or kurta? Salwar or churidar? Shall I bite the bullet and try and cut patterns for him, or shall we try and find something online?

This is fun, but it’s certainly distracting me from quilting!