Seven quilts ago

That’s how long it is since I cleaned my design wall.

Lint roller sheets

Yup, there sure are lots of teal threads in there. Well, think about it. From the bottom, Stay Positive, Tealed with a Kiss, Gonna Teal your Heart Away, The Blue Hour, Gallimaufry, Sea Glass and Bonnard. (As well as those, there are the blocks for Signed, Tealed & Delivered, which isn’t yet a quilt top, let alone a finished quilt.) Five of those seven contain significant amounts of teal, so I suppose it’s no big surprise.

What is surprising is how long I left it; Stay Positive was finished a year ago. I’m blushing here… In my defence, my work and cutting tables are immaculately clean and tidy. The floor is another story, but I do sweep up regularly. But I’d just let the design wall get thready, then fluffy and finally downright hairy. It was time, and more, to clean up.

So now I’ve got a beautifully clean and tidy design wall, and no more excuses. Time to get cracking on the back for Bonnard.