F2F5: October round-up

Hello! Hope you all had a suitably spooky Halloween, mwahaha!

I’ve been doing some online research about the safest way to mail things. Once I’ve finished and can summarise what I’ve discovered, I’ll contact each of the F2F ladies to let them know how and when to proceed with mailing out everyone’s blocks. So far, it’s looking pretty hopeful. Creativity will not be defeated!

We have an almost full house for October in the gallery. As always, once I have the outstanding images, I’ll add them to the gallery as they come in.

October was Margaret’s month. Her colours were soft blues and creams with a touch of sand or taupe. If you’re interested, you can see her colour references on the Members & Their Colours page on the F²F blog, together with the block photos received to date in the gallery – they’re gorgeous, such lovely soft and gentle colours! In the end, I didn’t need to go shopping, which was probably a good thing…

And now for November, Moira’s month. Her colours are red, white and blue, idea for the patriotic quilts she makes from her F2F blocks. Again, her colours are referenced on the Members  & Their Colours Page (link above). I’m pretty sure we’ll all have those colours in our stashes from previous months.

If you’re new to this blog and don’t know anything about F²F, do head over to the dedicated F²F blog and read all about it. The first ever session can be found on this blog, but for subsequent years I set F²F up with its own blog due to the image-heavy nature of the work. You’ll find a rich, varied and vibrant source of inspiration in all the blocks shown in the galleries for the various years. Enjoy 🙂

Time to go and look through my selected blocks for F2F and see what will work best.

F²F: different times, different ways

Sometimes, you have to be adaptable.

One of the fundamental ideas behind F²F is that there should be an element of surprise. Each member is assigned a month, and for the duration of that month they don’t visit the F²F gallery to see the blocks accumulating there, and the other members don’t post about their blocks until they know they’ve arrived safely at their destination. When the blocks arrive, they’re a surprise. It’s all part of the fun.

That isn’t going to work now. For safety’s sake, we’ve suspended the mailing of blocks for the time being. That being so, it’s unfair on everyone to prevent the makers from posting, and making the receivers wait for months to see what they’re going to get, whilst somehow, magically, avoiding their own blocks in the gallery. So for now, If you’ve made blocks for a member, you can post about them at the end of that month, on the last day or the first few days of the next.

And so, without further ado, here are some F²F blocks for you to enjoy.

Firstly, February’s blocks for Tracy:

And then March’s blocks for Sue:

We’re currently in the process of making April’s blocks for Lynn, so you can look forward to those at the end of this month.

Not all the F²F members are bloggers, and not everyone will want to post about their blocks. For a view of the full range, go to the gallery. You’ll see everything produced so far in this session, plus the galleries for the past two sessions. That’s a lot of colour and inspiration.

I’ll be doing the usual end of month round up on the last day of April, but this time I might post some images too!

FootSquareFreestyle: F2F5 is go!

And we have liftoff.

Entries to the 2020 FootSquare Freestyle block swap are now closed. We have a group of 10 ready to start work on 1st February, creating the latest round of beautiful blocks. For an idea of what you might be seeing, head over to the F²F blog and check out the 2020 Members and their Colours page and then have a browse around the galleries for the previous sessions to see the variety of blocks made and some of the finished quilts that emerged from them. From this session, each member will end up with 30 x foot-square (12 inch) blocks, enough to make a quilt 60 x 72 inches.

As usual, I’ll be doing an end-of-monthly ’roundup’ post for F²F on this blog, featuring a link to the currently-empty 2020 Gallery page on the F²F blog to make it easy for you to see what’s been made. Some of the members have been with F²F since its inception 5 years ago. Some are new to it this year. I hope everyone carries away great memories and beautiful quilts from the 2020 session.

In the meantime, here’s a list of members and their months:

February: Tracy Pursley, https://itsatsweetsday.blog

March: Sue Brown, http://sewingmagpie.blogspot.com

April: Lynn Hutton, https://thetialys.wordpress.com/

May: Susan Nixon, https://desertskyquilts.com/

June: Monike Hawkes-Frost

July: Robin Murphy

August: Kate Chiconi, https://talltalesfromchiconia.wordpress.com/

September: Edith Csokmay, http://ediscraftinglife.blogspot.com/

October: Margaret Creek, https://thecraftycreek.com/

November: Moira McSpadden, https://quiltedsnail.blogspot.com/

If you’re in the group and still have to get me some information, please try to do so before 1st February, to give the other members time to assemble the right fabrics.

And if you had to miss out on it this year for whatever reason, don’t worry. I’m willing to bet we’ll be doing it again!