Tales of Chookonia #5: Finally!

Laying has begun!

The Girls have been studiously ignoring their tastefully appointed nesting boxes up till now. However, having provided them with an alternative out in the chook yard instead of inside the hen house (an Air B-egg-B, if you like), they have decided to finally take the hint. It’s nice and brown, and isn’t even as small as I’d expect a first egg to be.

This is almost certainly Ruth’s work. Currently, she’s the only one that looks ready to lay, although a couple of the others are nearly there. She’s large, her bum is very fluffy, her comb is larger than the others, and both comb and wattles are bright red. She’s also quite assertive about her place at the feeder and at rushing me when I come to the chook run, in case there’s some super-tasty snackage going.

Hopefully Elizabeth, Blanche, Peachy and Lacey follow suit soon.  Freshly-laid poached eggs on buttered toast: the food of the gods.

I must go and sort out some egg boxes…