What’ll it be, then?

The decks are cleared, the desk is clean, the sewing machine is defluffed and all the pins are put away. Finally.

Happiness is draped over the back of the sofa, preening itself because it knows it’s the prettiest thing in the room.

I find myself at a slight loss…

Screen shot 2014-05-07 at 3.33.42 PM

The big question is, which project do I start next? Will I continue crocheting Woolly Thing? Will I start knitting Fluffy Thing?  Will I begin cutting out for Broken Bottles (overdue), or start work on Amistad (self indulgent, but gorgeous). Will I make the other 4 fabric baskets I need for the Cupboard of All Colours (black&white, brown, neutral and multi, yup, boring), or will I start the big scrap sort I need to make the thousands of 2.5″ squares for two scrap quilts for nieces (not urgent).

You’re going to decide for me. If I take your advice and it’s boring, then it’ll be your fault! Result anyway!


Thank you, and I look forward to potentially disregarding your vote. Well, you should be used to that, what with politicians, and all…

Addendum: Some of you have indicated that you can’t see the results. The poll was set up so that you could, and I lay the blame solidly at the feet of WordPress. I will publish the poll results tomorrow so you can all see, so keep voting, because your vote counts, as they say at election time.

Triple Trouble 7: heavenly bodies

And here’s the third one. Once again, I still have to applique the diamonds into place, but you get the idea.

This block is called Rolling Star. And while comets are not strictly speaking stars, they are heavenly bodies which have movement, so I’m calling it a comet, with a shower of sparks in its tail, gradually paling into white.

Again, bad lighting. Another bedroom, a different bed. But you get the idea

Again, bad lighting. Another bedroom,
a different bed – I’m running out of options!

Do you like how the white fabric in the background echoes the pattern in one of the star fabrics?

Do you like how the white fabric in the background
echoes the pattern in one of the star fabrics?

So that’s the three tops.  Each different, but based on the same basic idea of a white background, a feature block with visual interest, and some sort of applique to emphasise movement.  Each a different colour.  The Husband made an interesting comment yesterday. He wondered if once the happy parents had assigned a quilt to each triplet, the colour they were given would stay with them through life. He said that as a child, he and his brother were often given the same thing, differentiated by colour. His brother’s gift was green, and his was blue, and this lasted a long time. In addition, if either of them was given something in the ‘wrong’ colour, it didn’t feel right.  We shall have to wait and see.  Good job that as far as we can tell, they’re all girls, and more interested in that sort of thing. And before you leap on that particular generalisation, I know, I know, there are plenty of boys who are just as interested in colour. It’s just that in my experience they’re as rare as hen’s teeth…

Yesterday I started the scrap/stash basket making marathon.  The first one was the yellow one. I don’t use a lot of yellow and orange, and I did have a nice fabric to use for the outside which will never feature on a quilt because the print is too strong and the repeat too small. I bought it because I love the print!  So now it’s a basket. I made it high and short, and I gave it big floppy ‘ears’ for handles, which fold down neatly to fit between the closer shelves in The Cupboard of All Colours.  The other one was the basket for shades of aqua and turquoise and sea green/blue, and it’s long because that’s my favourite colour range and a long basket is needed. It has a pull handle on the front only.  I learned some useful lessons from both baskets. Going forward, I’ll be using the same shape as the yellow, but with smaller handles, which get in the way a little.  Purple is next. Again, I don’t use much of it. but I have a pretty print to line it with which picks up the colour of the outside.  This is a great way to use up all my batting leftovers!  Only possible because of that fantastic invention, iron-on batting-joining tape. I LOVE that stuff. Once I’ve done the applique, I’ll be cracking on with that.

Yellow basket with big floppy, folding ears

Yellow basket with big floppy, folding ears

Long skinny aqua basket. Not so successful, I had to nip in the corners to stop it sagging.

Long skinny aqua basket. Not so successful,
I had to nip in the corners to stop it sagging.

The Dowager came round this morning bringing her completed tapestry.  We’re going to use a very pale yellow with small white spot for the rest of the bag body with just a strip of blue down one side to echo the blue in the tapestry.  It’ll have a flat bottom and handles like the ones on the navy & white stripe bag I just made, but a little longer.  I need to sort something out for the lining – perhaps the same as the outside if I have enough, and give her a couple of pockets inside for keys and so on.  I think I’ll need to stiffen the back quite a lot, as the tapestry front is quite firm and otherwise the bag will flop.  I’ll see how it goes.

So, three tops done. Three to sandwich, quilt and bind…