The Pirate of Walkerston: back for round 2

Christmas dress-up this year will include an eyepatch, I’m afraid.

I had to go back for a second bout of eye surgery. The lump came back; in only 2 weeks it was nearly as large as it was before. This time, there was no messing about: it’s a fair old incision, on the front of the eyelid, with stitches. Messy, too, accompanied by the smell of Barbecued Me – it seems that the front of the eyelid bleeds like stink and has to be cauterised. Samples of the “weird stuff inside” are going off to pathology (thanks, Dr Li, I feel so much better knowing it was weird stuff rather than boring stuff…), but it’s best to know if there’s something nasty going on there, isn’t it?

So, another extended period of sewing abstinence. I can’t really read, and this post has taken over an hour to write, so there’s going to be a bit of “I’m bored…” whinging going on. Good job the Husband is off work for another day.

Cue pirate noises. If anyone has a suitable hat, eyepatch and stuffed parrot, I can give them a good home.

When black is blue, purple, green, yellow and brown

It’s a complete misnomer really.

A black eye encompasses so many pretty colours, but it’s not at all a pretty experience to wear it. I’m fortunate to have large black frames on my glasses which hide a lot of the damage, but still, I’ve had second glances and the odd pitying look. I feel like getting a sticker for my forehead:

Eye surgery, 
not domestic violence

This one is for those of you who asked if you’d be seeing the black eye. It may yet get larger, but maybe not; the eye doctor was very quick and deft, so this might be it. He said a week to ten days before it’s all gone and the swelling is down.

Still not seeing well out of this eye yet, but it’s improving. Back to the sewing machine in the next couple of days, I hope, and the hand sewing in about a week, I reckon. Meanwhile, I leave you with an earworm.

This time, black really is black


Avast, me hearties…

Tis done, shipmates.

OK, enough of the pirate talk. You’ll have to imagine the Captain Jack Sparrow accessories.

Surgery was quick, briefly unpleasant when the local anaesthetic went in but mostly painless, if a little bloody. Post-op, it is painful: I feel as if I’ve been smacked in the eye, with a bonus serving of pea-gravel under my eyelid. The patch comes off later today, after which I’ll be sporting a black eye.

Thanks to everyone who offered good wishes and crossed their fingers. It appears the outcome is going to be positive.

I kind of wish I’d gone out and bought the pirate hat and stuffed parrot after all…