The Travels of Mouse: Coffee, chores and catastrophe!

Yes, OK, perhaps catastrophe is a bit strong. Bear with me…

The staff hastened to rectify the coffee situation. We started with brunch at Brother Jenkins Café, a really very nice café literally across the road from the caravan park, and extremely welcoming to doggos, who get their own red drinking bowl on arrival. According to the Staff, they have a very good choice of breakfast options and decent coffee. I must say, there was another epic bacon situation with Dad’s pancake stack with maple syrup, so I was able to take full advantage by giving my best ‘starved greyhound’ impression. Mum’s eggs bennie with mushrooms were extremely good, on excellent crusty sourdough. The mushrooms were cooked with thyme, the eggs were perfectly poached, and her only beef was that the home made hollandaise sauce lacked a bit of acidity, it was almost too rich. You know the food’s good when the humans start nitpicking, don’t you?

Further rectification came when we went to buy a new coffee machine, Dad needed new paw-covers because his old ones were falling apart, and a thingy for the car, Mum needed groceries (and also bought some paw-covers, which she didn’t need).

Bridget was just too fast, she’s out of shot already!

But the best – and also worst – part of the morning came when we visited Touch Park off-leash dog park. It’s my favourite in Cairns, and has the best canine company and Staff attendants. There were heaps of doggos there as it was Sunday, and I was able to do a lot of racing. I made a new friend called Bridget, a cross between a red brindle whippet and something with a broader, shorter head. Up to this point, her Staff said, she’d always been the fastest dog in the park, so it must have come as a bit of a surprise to meet Me… We ran and played, the Staffs chatted. It seems she also has a lot of sighthound traits, like zoomies, paper shredding, unstuffing stuffed toys, and so on, which her Staff hadn’t realised were typical sighthound behaviours.

The catastrophe bit came when I Hurt My Paw. I’d been running and playing so hard I’d managed to acquire a small cut on the pad of my right front paw, and had torn the nail a little. Sigh…. I have naturally capitalised on this injury as much as possible, limping, wincing and looking pathetic, and it has resulted in a very satisfactory increase in fuss, attention and treats. I hope it heals soon, though, as the Staff won’t take me on the beach while I might get sand and salt in it. And I do want to run on the beach…

Today, according to Mum, is another lazy day. For me and Dad, at any rate. She has laundry to do… It’ll be a struggle, but I reckon I can manage a snooze or three on my quilt outside in the sun. Mum says she has to do more sewing as she needs something finished for Thursday. The caravan park is emptier just now; all the families with small children have gone home as school has started again after the spring break. It’s just the grey nomads (no relation to grey hounds) and the backpackers, and a rather rude and aggressive German Shepherd on the corner who leaps out and barks loudly and bares his teeth, at the full stretch of his tether. I don’t like him, and neither does Mum, and if he keeps it up, she’s going to say something at reception, as dogs are not supposed to be aggressive and bark too much. He’d be very frightening to small humans, I reckon.

Sorry about the lack of photos. The Staff were a bit slack about that and I shall attempt to keep them up to the mark tomorrow, when we’re planning a second attempt at Mungalli Creek Dairy and scones, jam and lactose free cream for Mum…

Doggos also welcome.