Tales of Chookonia # 5, the egg basket

This should really be a ScrapHappy post, but I couldn’t wait.

The Girls are now all laying, bar Lacey, who is clearly smaller and younger and not quite ready yet. One of them, and I can’t tell who, is laying  e n o r m o u s  double-yolked eggs. Take a look at this monster.

Most of the eggs weigh between 50 and 60 grams (1¾-2oz) each, but this huge one weighed 90 grams (over 3oz)! It’s the second one we’ve had, so clearly one of the Girls has it in her regular repertoire.

Anyway, now that I have more than one or two eggs to collect each morning, I wanted a container. I don’t want to put them in the empty scraps bucket as it’s a) usually dirty once I’ve emptied the scraps; and b) hard, and they’ll roll around and get cracked. So I decided something needed a quilted lining. Well, I would, wouldn’t I…?  I had a small plastic ‘bucket-style’ basket which I could line.

And of course, it required chicken-themed fabric. Luckily, I had scraps left over from when I used this fabric for one of my Parterre blocks, and it was just enough to do the inside of the basket lining plus a couple of small ties to hold the lining in.

The back of the lining is scraps from the backing for the recently-completed Tyger quilt. The binding is scraps from the Floribunda quilt. The batting is also scraps from Tyger. See what I mean about it being a scrappy project?

Don’t the eggs look pretty?  Who says practical has to be boring?