Please explain

There is a catchphrase in Australia which addresses egregious mistakes and idiocies or being caught out in obvious lies.

It’s known as the ‘Please explain’, after the now-famous usage of said phrase during a televised interview, by an outspoken female politician of notoriously inflammatory, racist and extreme right-wing views*. She had not understood the interviewer’s use of the word ‘xenophobia’…

We nearly used it ourselves today.

Having all three greatly enjoyed our evening out at Dunwoody’s the other night, we thought we’d give it another go. The Husband jumped on the phone to make a booking for tonight, only to be told “we don’t accept dogs” when he did so. He pointed out that we’d had a dog with us only a few nights ago; had the policy changed? Apparently it had. We withdrew our booking. After a moment’s thought, I suggested we call back and speak to the duty manager for clarification, and perhaps a reason for the change.

Having given them a good review on Mouse’s blog, I was quite prepared to call them out for back-tracking. Mouse had behaved perfectly – better, in fact, than some of the younger guests. The other guests had liked him, and he had not caused any inconvenience to anyone.  Maybe I could go on TripAdvisor or Google and tell our story, because I always make a point of giving good reviews where they are deserved. Dog owners need to eat too, and well-behaved pets should not be excluded arbitrarily by whoever answers the phone because of a personal preference or faulty interpretation.

We got the duty manager. You’ll be happy to know that Dunwoody’s retains its shiny halo 🙂 Policy has not changed, and they do allow dogs in the outdoor dining area. All three of us will be there tonight for another sally into the delights of the menu.

Sometimes, you just need to gently ask “please explain?”…


*Please note that if you happen to agree with this politician’s views, I am not interested in entering into debate and reserve the right to deal with comments on the subject as I see fit.