It’s mostly good

To all of you out there who’ve been so supportive this past week.

I got my MRI results yesterday after 8 days of extremely anxious waiting. It’s mostly good. I have DCIS: precancerous areas that need careful and regular watching because of my previous history, but the bad stuff is not back, nothing is too urgent and I can breathe again. I was offered surgery for peace of mind, but I think I’m probably going to turn it down.

I have to weigh the significant risks of autologous reconstructive surgery against the risk of monitoring and only acting in response to a change of status. I’d rather save the risks for when I need to act, rather than acting before it’s absolutely necessary. DCIS is in itself not particularly dangerous, it sits there quietly just being ‘changed cells’ until one day it tips over into something else and becomes invasive. If we’re watching for it, we’ll see it start to grow and that’s when I’ll pounce! I’ll have to have that surgery one day. Just not yet. And that level of uncertainty is one I can live with, versus the level I’ve been enduring the last 8 days, which was not knowing if what they’d found was already invasive and probably metastatic, in which case my long-term chances were not nearly so good, and much more aggressive treatment would be needed.

I see the surgeon again on Monday to give him my decision, and then it’s 6-monthly MRIs for some time while we see if the thing decides to kick off and start growing.

I can live with that. It’s mostly good.