From little things, big things grow

I have the results of today’s raffle of the Days for Girls items I made.

Bear in mind these were all made from scraps, those for the backings and batting donated by me and the rest as a by-product of Days for Girls’ production of sanitary kits.

The sales of the raffle tickets for the quilt, the table runner and the cushion cover raised over AU$3,000.

I don’t have an exact figure yet, as they were still selling tickets as we took our seats. But it’s a stunning example of the power of recycling.

I’m afraid none of you won anything. The winners were:

T McClymont – cushion
J Bristow – table runner
L Eales – quilt

All locals or known to other team members. I’m so sorry. But I’m already working on the next quilt and have lots of ideas for the next batch of prizes, so there’s always same time next year.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support, whether in words or dollars. The money raised will make a fantastic difference to the work we are able to do. I’m rapt, as they say here – I even got a nice shiny certificate of appreciation, which will hang in the sewing room next to my prized Best In Show ribbon!

Here’s to next year’s effort.