Ovarian Cancer: CYTL Blocks 29 and 30

Finally, Australia Post has delivered!

Gun’s two beautiful Can You Teal the Love blocks arrived this morning, Nos. 29 and 30, and they’re perfect.

I had very little rearranging to do to complete the layout to my entire satisfaction, and now that I have, my eye isn’t catching on that lovely dove block, either. It all balances beautifully. I’ve decided I don’t need to make a teal ribbon block, since the whole quilt tells the teal story.

As always, I’m asking for feedback, in case any of you see anything your eye catches on that I’ve missed through looking at the layout too much, too long. I don’t promise to make the adjustment you propose, but I’ll certainly give it consideration.

But if no-one has anything they find awkward about this layout, I’ll be cracking on with cutting the backing and batting. Not my favouritest job, but it needs to be done.

I must tell all the contributors how pretty I’m finding all their blocks and how gorgeous this quilt is becoming. Thank you all so much for once again diving into your teal stash, giving up your pinks and contributing your time, you are all stars, and it would have taken me forever without you, not to mention how much less interesting this quilt would be. I’m delighted that it has all happened so quickly, and that I’ll have ample time to complete and deliver Can You Teal the Love without any dramas.

Next on the agenda: trimming out and lots of cutting. O joy…