Curry camouflage

A while ago, I bought some fabric.

No, really?

The remnants bin at Spotlight has a strange fascination for me, and I bought a wonky 90cm/36in end-of-bolt of heavy linen furnishing fabric because I adored the colour and design, not because I had a purpose in mind. It’s too heavy for clothing, so I had no excuse, really…

Anyway, last night as I was flinging my Japanese-style cross-back apron into the wash for the millionth time due to spillage I realised that I needed a second one. And the lightbulb went on. Of course, the fabric wasn’t big enough to cut the pieces all in one, but it was a good width and I did a bit of piecing, and I think the result is quite satisfactory.

And while I was on the use-every-bit kick, I did a lot more piecing, and made myself a matching heat pad. I’ve pieced some scrap batting and found a rather too narrow strip of leftover fabric from the Tyger quilt for the binding, which I’ll make work somehow. I’ll dig out something for the backing at some later stage.

Not much usable fabric left. Life is too short for scraps as small as these; the fabric frays if you just look at it.

Those selvedges are nice and study, though, so I’m saving them for some future use.

And the title of this post? It’s because my friend Chippy says the apron is perfect to “camouflage curry splashes”! So true, and let’s face it, there are plenty of those in my life.

So, my shirt fronts are once again safe 😊