Lovely nubbly

I’m trying to do something about the amount of refuse we put in the bin each week.

We recycle hard plastics, aluminium, steel, glass and paper. We’ve just started recycling soft plastics by putting them in the Redcycle bin at our local Coles supermarket. I’ve bought two bokashi buckets for dealing with organic waste; we don’t have chickens or a worm farm (away too often for the first and too hot for the second), so I wanted a way to process the waste so that it could be dug into the garden. Apart from an infestation of fruit flies which has resulted in me exporting the bucket to the garage instead of the kitchen, that aspect is working well. I can put used paper towel into it, but I’d prefer not to. I don’t use much, but ideally, I’d like to stop using paper towel altogether, despite its handiness and multiple uses.

A number of friends have been knitting their own wipe-up cloths using cotton yarn. I don’t knit, but I can do basic crochet, so I found some bargain cotton yarn in 10ply and made myself a sample, using a 6mm/J/10 hook. It’s chunky, absorbent and has a pleasant nubbly surface that’ll be great for giving my benchtops a bit of a scrub and wiping up spills. Being 100% cotton, it’ll wash happily, and folded, it makes quite a decent heat pad. Best of all, once it’s knackered, I can bury it in the garden and it’ll rot down to nothing.

My sample is quite large, and subsequent cloths will be smaller. I’ll also probably buy 8ply for future cloths, once I’ve used up the yarn I have, and when the time comes to replace some of the microfibre cloths I’m currently using, so I have a range of sizes and textures.This size used the better part of one 100g ball, so smaller ones will also be more economical with yarn.

For the source of many of these ideas and some truly amazing lifestyle and cooking inspiration, head over to the lovely Celia’s blog at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Time to go and give my cloth a test drive 🙂