Happy Christmas!🎄

It’s that festive time again.

To all my lovely friends, followers and casual drop-ins, a very Happy Christmas or other festive celebration of the season, whether Diwali, Hanukah or Solstice. It is a time for light over darkness, joy over sadness and love over misery and anger.

Here in north Queensland, the traditional snowflakes, snowmen and Christmas trees can look a bit incongruous as the temperatures soar and the air conditioning struggles. So I leave you with our own local version of the festive colour scheme, the beautiful soccer-ball sized blooms of the Flamboyant Tree, aka Poinciana or Delonix Regia. Tree and ornament in one!

Best wishes from the three of us in Chiconia for health, peace and prosperity in the coming year.

Not just another day

We all need to mark the good times.

The Christmas tree of north Queensland, the Poinciana (Delonix regia).  Its giant red pompom flowers are seen all over the north of the state at this time of year, like enormous red Christmas tree baubles.

A reason to gather, to celebrate, to be with family if possible, to be grateful. Christmas is as good a time as any, even if you’re not religious. Today, I am gathering later with the Husband’s family, as my own is far, far away. Today I am celebrating the second most important festival of the Christian calendar. And today, I am grateful for so many things, great and small:

We have come (so far) through this pandemic with our health intact, and have lost no-one important to us to the ravages of the disease.

The Husband’s work is secure, we have food on the table and a roof over our heads.

Our household is filled with love, with people who encourage, support and admire each other. Even the furry ones…

The local harvest is in, the farmers’ income is secure for another year, and rain is falling to prepare the earth for planting next year’s crop.

My father’s passing was peaceful and easy, after a rich, varied and interesting 97 years on this earth.

I can still create and make and imagine and conceive ideas. My arthritic hands are holding out. There are many quilts still in my head demanding to be made.

I am grateful for the technology to speak face to face with friends and family everywhere, and to my father two days before he died, that will let me ‘attend’ his funeral virtually.

I am still grateful to be alive in this increasingly uncertain and wobbly world.

Long may it be so.

A very happy Christmas and a peaceful, prosperous and above all, healthy New Year to you all.