Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Where does it say it has to be white?

My decorations are, and have always been, silver and pink. I’m not a huge fan of the traditional Christmas colours of red, green and gold as a combination, I’ve never done seasonal quilts, or worked with Christmas fabrics. So when I was inspired by fellow blogger Kym Byrd Lucas’ reply to my comment on her recent post about creating a Christmas tree quilt, it was never going to be… traditional.

Because this was spur of the moment, it was also going to be, if not scrappy, then at least made from what I had. And what I had lots of was jelly roll strips. Not much green, but an awful lot of pink, red and pinky-purple. So I’ve made myself a pink Christmas tree hanging. It’s sized to hang in front of one of my book cases, like a sort of half-sized colourful tree.

This is only the first step. Next I have to sandwich and back it, do some light quilting and then make my baubles. I’ve dug out some colourful scraps and will be cranking out lots of yoyos (Suffolk puffs) to hang from the tree ‘branches’.

But before I finish it I have a project to do for my SIL, involving making cushion covers. I just needed to get this first stage done so I could stop it niggling me! I’m going to press the yoyo scraps and then they can all go in the project basket to wait patiently till I have a bit more time.

Plenty of time to finish it before Christmas.


Christmas decorations

Not the tinsel, baubles, angels, wreaths and stars you might be expecting.

My backyard is slowly hanging out its seasonal array. Most gorgeous of all is the lavish scarlet blooming of the poinciana (Delonix regia), which hangs out its starry red pompoms in good time for Christmas. It really is as bright as it seems in the photo below, almost glowing in the sunshine.

I love these decorations. I didn’t have to buy them, or hang them, and I won’t have to take them down when Christmas is over! I don’t have to worry about colour co-ordinating, or arranging them nicely. Nature takes care of Christmas in my backyard…

Poinciana blooming

Decorations 2 Decorations 1