Decisions, decisions…

If it’s the beginning of January, it must be time for new glasses.

Every year since I turned 45, I’ve needed a new optical prescription. My already long sight is getting longer and longer, to the point where I can’t see the type on this blog at all without specs. My health insurance rolls over at the beginning of the year, and I tend not to delay getting a new pair because by that time I really need the upgrade. My triple progressive lenses are not cheap, but they’re vital to getting through life without bumping into things!

My other problem is frames. I have a wide head, and because of the progressive lenses, I need a large lens. My face also seems to demand an assertive frame style. Sunglass frames are the answer. I’ve found frames that are comfy and have a large enough lens. But they’re Boring. Black. Blah. There’s a great place up north in Cairns who’ll paint your frames for you. They do a beautiful job, are reasonably priced, and have a really good colour range. I’ve had navy, red and raspberry pink so far, but don’t really want to repeat myself.

So, here’s where I need your help. There are four colours I really love, but I’m finding it impossible to choose which one. I’m opening a poll to get your vote on which one to get. You get an option to suggest something completely different if you want to.

Too much choice… Any of these colours would be fine, they’re all in my wardrobe and would look good with what I wear. All would be fun with my now very grey hair. All would be bright enough to help me find my glasses if I put them down and can’t find them again 🙂

Thanks for your help!