I do love a peaceful potter in the back yard.

It’s been a good day. Nothing hurt, I made progress with the sewing, and I finally tried out a recipe I’ve been looking at for a few days. Chicken Mushroom Strudel from this YouTube video. I made my pastry strips wider as I was in a hurry, but I don’t believe it looks too bad, maybe not as elegant as his, but certainly extremely tasty!

It’s easy once you have everything assembled and ready to go, and the recipe doesn’t need anything complicated.

I found this little thing on the grass under my callistemon tree. It’s been windy today, and I think the unused nest simply came adrift and alighted gently on the grass, unscathed.

It’s a woven work of art, incorporating grasses, paper, fluff, leaves and hair.

Food growing. The first tiny tomato is showing itself, the lettuces are growing strongly despite the early heat. It helps that I have things in shade after about 11am or everything would boil alive.

The stem of Ducasse bananas is finally filling out. Instead of looking as if they’re carved from wood, all sharp angles, they’re filling out nicely and in this heat it won’t be long until I can cut the stem to hang in the garage to ripen fully. After that, I can chop down the two largest banana plants and let the new growth come through to fruit next year.

Roses. I don’t know how they manage in this humidity, but this lone bush has been pushing out the pretty creamy yellow and pink flowers for months now. Anyone have any idea what it might be called?

The Girls are still cranking out tasty brown cackleberries at full strength.

They get several hours of fresh grass and insects each day in a different shady spot each day and it certainly shows in the egg quality and colour.

We couldn’t possibly keep up with the output, and today, I exchanged half a dozen for a bag of vibrant red medium-sized chillis. Not sure of the variety, but I think they probably aren’t hugely hot given that they come from the garden of 96 year old Wal over the back fence. I shall turn some into paste for the fridge and some will be dried and ground into chilli flakes.

And now, back to my needle.