Ovarian Cancer: Taking Flight 2

And Taking Flight has taken off…

Before I left for my visit to Melbourne, I ensured that Taking Flight was pressed, the backing was pieced, it was sandwiched and marked up for quilting. That way, on my return on Wednesday evening, there could be no possible excuse not to get straight on with completing this piece of loveliness.

And so it was. Despite numerous excuses, valid reasons, temptations and distractions, I completed the quilting on Thursday, stitched on the binding and made the label on Friday, and today, it was done and I could photograph it.

The quilting is a simple chevron across the quilt, breaking at the halfway point. I wanted it to echo the lovely Flying Geese blocks all the way around the outside. It also had the great virtue of being easy and fast to execute, and looks good, whilst adding a nice texture. Sorry it’s not perfectly straight in the photo; it was a windy day and I could not get a decent photo. But I’m sure you get the idea, and at least the colours are true to life.

This is the label I made. It’s different from the usual format, since Sue made the whole quilt top and the wording needed to reflect this. But I think it’s pretty self explanatory, and I’m sure that the quilt’s new owner will be delighted with it no matter what the label says! I’ll be holding it back so that I can deliver both Ovarian Cancer quilts at the same time.

There’s still a whole lot of teal ahead of me; I’m waiting for two final blocks from Gun for Can You Teal the Love, and then I can finalise the layout and start the whole sandwiching and quilting process.

In the meantime, I have one or two small projects in mind…

Tyger Ten: It’s done

Gosh, I do love Aretha.

By which I mean my new sewing machine. It’s been a while since I quilted a whole quilt top rather than constructed it by QAYG, so I was slightly dreading the process. However, what would in earlier times have been a solid three days of strenuous and frustrating quilting now took just one (and a rather easy one) day of sewing. Stitching down the binding is one of my favourite parts of the construction too, so the past few days have been rather pleasant!

So, the Tyger quilt is finished. I quilted it with straight lines in a chevron pattern, to echo the chevrons on the jerseys the teams (both regular and Indigenous) wear. I’ve bound it narrowly in the same dark charcoal I used in the blocks, and have left the central tiger motif un-quilted, just framed.

I wish I could have photographed it outside for more accurate and brilliant colour, but it gets dark early, the Husband isn’t home in time to hold it up in daylight, and it’s too soggy to put it on/over something since all the rain we’ve had. But it’s pretty brilliant anyway, so I’m not too upset about that.

I’m pleased with it. I hope my SIL will be too. If nothing else, it’ll keep her cosy whilst watching the footy games now that winter is drawing in Down Under.

And now, on to the next thing.