The Travels of Mouse: High Tea

… And when I say High, I mean high up!

Mum made a booking this time, and despite a bit of sitting around waiting for the Stop & Go man at the Range roadworks, we made it to the Hervey’s Range Heritage Tearooms only 15 minutes late. Which they clearly expected. I’ve shared morning tea with the Staff before, but I must say, this one was a bit of alright! Mum’s going to put in a link to the menu, so you can see the sort of thing. I wasn’t terribly interested in her apple & cinnamon scones with butter and plum jam.

They looked OK, but not my kind of thing. I know I’m not an obligate carnivore, but I do prefer my snacks meaty. So Dad’s corn fritter stack with tomato and chilli salsa, avocado with balsamic vinegar and a side order of back bacon rashers was much more my kind of thing. Especially the baaaaacccoooonnnnn mmmmmmm. Er, excuse me, I was just having a moment there… It strikes me that the bacon was less a side order than the main feature (I mean, you can hardly see the fritters), but neither of us was complaining.

There was some debate about whether we’d make a run out to Charters Towers after that, but the Staff were feeling rather stuffed around the tummy department (no surprise there, then), and I can always use another nap, so we decided to leave that to when we’re back here on the return trip. Dad was at school there for a while, and it’s supposed to be a nice town with an interesting gold rush history, so we’ll see what it has to offer for doggos as well as the Staff. Mum did score some new fabric when we did a tiny detour via Olive Branch Quilts. She had a good old rummage in the remnants bin and came away with two bits of red and white floral prints. Good for her, so long as she doesn’t expect Me to wear them. The green bandanna is much more my style.

We’re moving on to Cairns tomorrow, so the Staff have been Putting Stuff Away, which I never like, it’s so unsettling. I made my displeasure known by taking over first Mum’s bunk and then Dad’s. There was lots of squeaking and growling about it, so I reluctantly moved on, but I feel I made my point.

Still, Road Trip tomorrow!¬† Always fun, so long as someone else does the work…