Miz Lizzie Adventures: Cania, and homecoming

We’re home, after more than 4,000kms of travelling. It has been a brilliant trip, but as always, there’s a deep comfort in being back in our own place.

There wasn’t much excitement in  yesterday’s trip, from Warwick in south east Queensland, to Monto in central Queensland, hence no post about it. We took the back roads and saw wonderful countryside, but paid for it in terms of bumpy, winding and steep roads. The car and Miz Lizzie both coped beautifully.

However, having missed the chance to see the nearby wonderful Cania Gorge, Dam and Lake when we passed through Monto on the way south, we scrambled to make it happen on the way home. Having parked Miz Lizzie and got her hooked up, we jumped straight back in the car as the sun started to slant towards the horizon and went like bats out of hell, arriving just in time.

If you’re interested in the geology and wildlife, the walking tracks and the many thousands of years of Aboriginal history, one of the best places for information can be found here:


I don’t want this post to simply regurgitate all that, so I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves. At the far end of the gorge is Cania Lake, now enlarged and extended into a dam. The lookout over the lake is reached by a winding road from which you get tantalising glimpses until the vista opens up at the top. We stayed until the sun started to disappear and it began to get cold… We’re definitely going back, and will stay at the campsite within the gorge so that we can explore and take on some of the walking tracks, see the caves and the Aboriginal cave paintings.

What I didn’t manage to capture entirely is the wonderful warm glow of the sandstone with the setting sun catching it. It truly seemed to be on fire at one point – sadly the best moment was too dark to make a successful photo, but I’m sure you can imagine what I mean.

Next time we go there, I’m planning to have much more daylight, and I’ll be hoping to take walking tracks which will show me the caves and paintings, as well as the outstanding natural scenery.