Bucket list

And this is No. 2 on the list.

I have literally just finished stitching down the brim lining this one. I promised the second hat would be a bit more vivid. Was I wrong?

Sorry about the poor lighting, I took it with flash in the evening, since I didn’t want to wait till tomorrow. Perhaps that was a mistake, as it has washed out all the colours (and me, but also the wrinkles!), but I think you get a pretty good idea of what it’s like. You can’t see the crown, but it’s a third fabric, also very prink and bright. The brim is made of two fabrics which are alternated on the top and bottom so that whichever way you turn the brim up, you see two fabrics. I love those bold black and white patterns!

I think this is enough for me, for now. I’ll probably make one for the Husband, and then call it a day. I have other projects singing a siren song, calling me to make a start on them…

I am powerless to resist. Or perhaps I just don’t want to!

Bucket Hat

This will be the first of several.

I’m calling it the Seascape Hat because of the coral reef light fabric and the ‘brain coral’ crown fabric. I didn’t use heavy fabric, or make it close-fitting, because in this climate, the head needs all the ventilation it can get. It’s a pattern which Jean posted about on ScrapHappy Day recently, very easy, just three pieces, and it was a free download, even better.

I’m definitely making another one for the Husband too, probably something a little heavier (I have a very nice dark blue twill with the Australian Kangaroo icon on it in white). Plus a couple more for myself, I think, including one that’s got a nice splashy pattern on it.

A bit of machine sewing is great for resting my hand-quilting fingers…