Bougainville Nights #7: all but the binding

Things are about to get busy round here.

So I thought I’d round off BougieNights without getting all the way to the end. I’ll be binding it in the same dark blue as the back, effectively making the binding all but invisible, so it doesn’t really deserve a post of its own. But it’s now time to reveal the ‘secret quilt’ that’s been materialising on the back from the six blocks that didn’t get used on the front. So without further ado, tah-daaah!

That small patch at far centre right is the label. A few years ago a craft magazine had some quilt label freebies, and this was one of them. At this distance of time I can’t remember which magazine it was, but I thought the patch was pretty enough to hang onto, on the basis that one day I’d have a quilt that demanded it. And here we are.

So, credit where it’s due. These blocks are the work of Lynn Hutton, Sandra Meynet, Sue Brown, Moira McSpadden, Susan Nixon, Gun Adrian, Esther Frenzel, Claire Hupin, and me. They are the outcome of my turn in the second Footsquare Freestyle (F²F²) block swap, which was enjoyable enough for us to have gone around again for a third time. There’ll almost certainly be a fourth session starting next year, in case you’re interested.

I have some sewing to do for Bee, Myself and I on Saturday. As we’re going away, I need to prepare the post in advance, and by posting about BougieNights early, I’ve bought myself some time to do that.

And let us not forget packing for the trip. Road trip! Road trip! Not excited at all, noooooo….


BougieNights #6: One more to go

I haven’t made quite the progress I hoped for.

Other things demanded attention, including my foray into Mousewear and various domestic issues. But I’ve managed to reach the point where I have only the final long seam to go.

On our morning walk today, Mouse and I passed this bougainvillea on a wire fence, and the colour reminded me why this quilt is called Bougainville Nights. It doesn’t communicate properly just how brilliantly orange and pink the flowers are, but you get some idea. All it needs is a brilliant north Queensland sunset and a deepening dark blue sky to bring my original colour inspiration to mind.

Speaking of Mouse, he’ll be joining us for his first caravan trip this coming weekend. We’re catching up with some friends from OzSTOC, our motorbike touring club, down in Miriam Vale, 500km south of here. We’ve found a dog-friendly caravan park on the banks of the Boyne River in Benaraby where we’ll spend two nights, and we’ll be packing Mouse’s club colours bandanna as well as our own club shirts 🙂 For the purpose of this trip, he’s our official OzDog.  I don’t think we’ll be able to train him to hold one end of the flag, but you never know.

It’ll be interesting to see how he takes to this style of travel and accommodation. One thing’s for certain: we’ll have to watch our step in the caravan at night given his lordship’s ‘legs everywhere’ space-hogging style of sleeping.

I think there’s probably one more BougieNights post to go: the completed, bound quilt, and a view of the ‘alternate quilt’ on the back. Meanwhile, I have to go and make up the caravan bunks, turn on the fridge and check the supplies.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

BougieNights #5: leaping ahead

Last time we looked at Bougainville Nights, it was just half quilted.

Just look at it now!  All the blocks are quilted, I’ve cut all the sashing strips, and have made a good run up at the joining. So, in case you were wondering, the sashing on the front is dark inky blue, and the sashing on the back is hot pinks and oranges. Most of the back is dark blue, but there is a chevron of blocks on the back too, so this will effectively be a double-sided quilt. Not large, but versatile. I’ll do a reveal of the back once the blocks are all together.

Another couple of days will see all the sashing in place and the blocks all joined up. I’m thinking a dark blue binding, but I might sneak in a colourful corner or two – it depends if I have enough blue of the right colour left over. Good to think that I’m getting closer to finishing this quilt composed of my F²F² blocks.

Better late than never…. 

BougieNights: six to go

I got a bunch more blocks quilted.

There are 14 done and only six left to go, and I’ve managed to locate the sashing fabric and cut a few strips despite the fact I don’t yet have a cutting table (not long to go there, though!).

The only reason I haven’t finished it is the never-ending renovation list. However, even there I’ve managed some progress. We got some track and bookshelves up on the blue wall, and I shelved 12 boxes of books there and in the book case to the left. The shelves aren’t quite as long as I’d have liked, but they come in standard lengths and a slightly longer shelf would have meant cutting off and wasting about half a metre from a longer length, which I couldn’t allow myself to do! However, on the upside, this gives me the space to hang a picture on either side, so it’s not all bad. And in case you’re wondering, the shelves are level; it’s the roof that’s sloping down… I whittled down my craft and quilting books considerably, and now it’s just the left hand half of the bottom shelf; all the big books both standing and stacked. I have yet another large carton of general fiction I’ll never read again, so that’ll be going to the op (charity/thrift) shops too.

One thing is becoming clear about the sewing room and that’s a lack of wall space. I have two big windows, the design wall, and on the fourth side, open space. Before, I had a lot of stuff stored on shelves all round the walls, which won’t work here, so it’s going to be necessary to think about how and where I keep things. There are still 4 large boxes of bits and pieces shoved under one of the tables, so the problem isn’t going to go away.

And finally, I’ve dug out a bunch of paper-pieced star patterns for the ovarian cancer Scinteallate quilt. It’ll be such a great way to use up some of the larger scraps from previous quilts. Hopefully I’ll find time in the next few days to make a start so I can post something soon. We have a few participants now: Me, Lynn, Nanette, Margaret, Sue, Lynda, Gun and Sharon (for whom I need an email address, if you’re reading this!). That brings us up to 12 blocks plus however many I make, so if you missed my earlier post and you’d like to join in, leave a comment or send me an email. If I make the quilt the same size as previous ones, that leaves me with 18 blocks to make myself, so I’m considering making it smaller, at 5 x 5 blocks instead of 5 x 6. That’s a total of 25 blocks, which is a bit more manageable.

Right, back to rulers, markers – and boxes!

BougieNights 4: half done

Somewhere in there, I found the time.

Half the blocks are now quilted, using the simple 2 inch cross-hatch I planned. It’s one of my favourite textures for a quilt that has a lot going on visually, which is certainly true of Bougainville Nights. It also has the great virtue of being quick, both to mark and to quilt! This isn’t going to be a large quilt, 48×60 inches, but it’ll look gorgeous draped over my sofa in front of the book cases, and it’s quite large enough to snuggle under for a quick snooze…

You can tell my new room is larger, because I now have space to move far enough back to take a straight-on photo of the design wall. It avoids all sort of contortions and leaning sideways over thin air to try and get as straight as possible. On the left, you’ll see the big block which is going to become a cushion cover, as well as the last Hatbox block, waiting for me to join the others in their box somewhere in a pile of three big black tubs.

I now have a lot more stuff unpacked, and have assembled another two storage units to house it. I have baskets lined up on the top of one of the units with some of the WIPs/forthcoming projects in them, just to remind me not to start anything new… Well, OK, to be strictly picky, they are new projects, but ones I’ve already planned, rather than new new projects. Slowly, slowly, patches of clear floor are emerging.

I’m still gathering my strength/waiting for the Husband to be available/ hoping for a dry spell in the weather in order to dismantle and bring over the beautiful but quite astonishingly heavy oak Cupboard of All Colours. I have its spot ready, and its contents already packed and waiting to be reinstalled, it’s just the thing itself. It’s not that I don’t know how to do it; the cupboard has been disassembled and re-assembled four times already, it’s just that it’s at least a two, and probably three person job. But once it’s here, o joy. It’s beautiful, it’s capacious and it’s lined in cedar. I miss it…

I also miss my tool board, cutting table, desk, iMac, books and bookshelves, but that’s a whole other story.

Reno #9 and BougieNights: a tale of three squares

Yes, it IS an odd juxtaposition, but let me explain why.

I have spent a large proportion of the last two days on hands and knees. That’ll be tiling the bathroom floor, then. I have 15 left to set, and then the main part is done, after which I just have to do the infill round the edges and the skirting/baseboard pieces, which can come later. Anyway, the result of this was (as you might expect) an almighty sore back and a sharp rise in my analgesia intake 😉

Looks good though, considering we had to come up with a design which used up the small quantity of terracotta tiles we’d been given, boosted with new white tiles. It’s probably not what I’d have chosen to do if we’d started from scratch, but I simply couldn’t chuck out perfectly good and useful floor tiles. I shall pretend it’s the mosaic floor of my Roman bath house, and accessorise accordingly!  That’s square No 1.

Square No 2 is the individual blocks of Bougainville Nights, now in their final positions.

There have been a couple of minor changes since I last posted about this, but I’ve had to draw a line under further alterations, because I’ve now positioned the remaining 6 blocks on the back and spray basted everything. If I change something now, chances are I’d need to mess up the pattern on the back.

You can see Square No 3 beside the quilt layout. There was one block I really loved, but it had too much lemony yellow in it to work with the rest of them. So I pulled it out, and bordered it with more bright yellow and orange to make a feature of it. It’s going to be the cushion that goes with the quilt – in the same family, but separate. I’ll back it with dark blue and bind it in pink and all will be well.

And now, I am very knackered, so I’m going to make a cup of tea and some toast and honey and kick back.

And now for something completely different

Well, not THAT different. It’s a quilt, after all.

But you haven’t seen this one before. I’m calling it Bougainville Nights (or BougieNights for short). It’s composed of the blocks I received from the previous session of F2F, not the one that finished last month but the one before.

This is the initial layout for the front of the quilt. It’ll probably change again a couple of times, but this seems to be fairly balanced. If you have suggestions for improving the layout, let me know what you think.

Some of the blocks I received are not shown here. I’ll still be using them all, but six are going on the back, and one is going to make the front of a cushion. The ones not shown are either on light backgrounds, or they contain fairly large amounts of yellow or pale orange or pale pink, which read too light and don’t work with the other blocks. They’re all beautiful, but they don’t fit in this version of the front. For the back, I’ll probably have a mainly dark blue background, with these blocks arranged in a left to right pointing chevron. The cushion cover block is gorgeous, but has lots of bright yellow in it which stands out very strongly if used on the front, so I’m going to border it with more yellow to make a feature of it. I’ll use dark blue joining strips and binding it in hot pink and orange. Should be nice and bright!

I have no idea how much time I’ll be able to spend on this over the coming weeks. But it’s been agitating to get out of my head and onto the design wall, so I just had to get that done so the quilt would shut up! I have a feeling my sewing room is going to be fairly low on the priority list in the new house, simply because it’s not ‘necessary’. So I’ll just have to take advantage of what I have now for as long as possible. This’ll be another QAYG project, and each block is small enough to quilt in a short time. I’ll be grabbing half hours here and there, and slowly, it’ll get done.

And now, it’s time to get up and get going. Things to do, boxes to pack.