Time for Teal 20: Border country

Onward to the border!

I have realised I cannot really afford to hang around too much with T4T’s outer border. Life has a way of presenting you with surprises, and unless I maintain momentum I may find myself nearing the end of August with Time for Teal still unfinished. Another sustained effort will help to make it happen.

So I have begun arranging the blocks I have, trying to work out a balanced effect. They seem to divide sensibly into ‘pale’ and ‘strong’ groupings, the latter being blocks with very bright or dark fabrics featuring prominently, and the former being more balanced and lighter in their contrast. So the plan is to alternate, with Viv’s wonderful wonky pineapple blocks at each corner, which definitely fall into the ‘strong’ category!

T4T collage 8I needed two more ‘pale’ blocks for the bottom row, and fortunately I got a squishy in the mail today from Viv’s cousin Robin which fit the bill exactly. I now have the rows sorted out for the top and bottom outer borders. I just need 10 more blocks, 5 on each side, and it’ll be enough. I’ve also made a couple of scrapbuster blocks using the smaller and less useful bits and pieces, and you can see all 4 blocks in the collage above.

There’s a squishy on the way from Nanette with an additional contribution, so I shall see what wonderful loot arrives before I determine how many more I need to make myself, and of what type, in order to finish the side borders.

Time for some sustained prep work. I have 14 blocks ready to go!

Time for Teal part 6

The postie brought me two bonus packages today!

The first was only interesting for me: a bright green leather case for my new phone.

The second was much more exciting: a squishy from Lorij, with three lovely border blocks for Time for Teal.

LorijT4T 1 LorijT4T 2 LorijT4T 3We’re making good progress. I’m waiting for a teapot block from Esther, and I have her Small Plate and Forks block planned to make in the next week or so. That leaves only 1 more to make and the centre square is done.

I have 5 dresden plates – I need 16, so after I finish the centre square I’ll have to start a production run of those.

And so far, I have 10 outer border blocks. I need to make the Teal Ribbon block, but after that I’ll be having some fun with random designs: a postage stamp block, a Hunter’s Star, some rail fences, that sort of thing.

We’re in good shape here!