Scrappy Book Bag #2

I got inspired by the last one.

I have several blocks left over from making the Twilight quilt, and two of them seemed to go together nicely, together with a nice navy polka dot I have left over from another project. I’ve lined it with the blue and white print which I used for the backing on my Anemone quilt.

It’s just a simple book bag style with a squared-off base and rather longer handles than the previous one. I’ve put a single smallish pocket on the inside. It’s also a bit bigger, and I shall use it for shopping, since it can hold a lot of stuff.

And yes, I’m keeping this one for myself! 😊

Scrappy Book Bag

I needed a bit of light relief.

There are 4 more blocks to stitch before I complete the top for my scrappy Hopscotch quilt for Days for Girls. I needed to stop and have a breather, and also to find a use for two blocks which didn’t quite fit into the lineup. They’re too strong, and without enough contrast between dark and light to fit with the other blocks.

It was obvious. These are 15 inch blocks, and large. I’d make a bag; one on the front and one on the back. I hauled out some leftover fabric: mattress ticking for the handles and gussets, and some old kitchen curtain fabric I had left over after recycling most of it to make a quilt duffel, which would be the lining. It’s a simple structure: front, back, side and bottom gussets, handles and lining. Make up the outer, baste on the handles. Make the lining and stitch them together at the top edge, right side to right side, leaving a 3 inch gap in the seam to turn the bag  through. Topstitch the top edge to neaten it and close the opening. Done.

It looks nice, doesn’t it?  I wouldn’t mind keeping it, except that I’m committed to making prizes for Days for Girls for their next annual raffle and cent sale.

Well, I’ll buy some tickets when the time comes. Maybe I’ll win it back!