The scraps on my back

Not teeny ones this time, just for a change.

I decided I just had to have another shirt like the Nearly Hawaiian. The fabrics I had were either the wrong weight, or too small or too large. What I did have were reasonably large pieces left over from a whole bunch of other projects. So why not go with that? A scrappy shirt, but considered, not just flung together willy-nilly.

So I did. All dark blue and white, but with a pink and white collar, which picks up the pink roses featured in one of the fabrics. The largest piece was for the back, and I only just squeaked enough of the fabric. The front facings are pieced, the pocket is pieced, the sleeves are cut across the grain instead of along the grain, etc. The interfacing is pieced out of scraps too!

So, we have fabrics from the front and back of my Anemone quilt (still awaiting hand quilting 😕), and three fabric remnants from a hexie project I’m tinkering with. I think it’s a bit obvious I love dark blue and white fabrics. In fact, dark blue and white almost anything, as evidenced by my lifelong addiction to Burleigh Calico china

There might be another shirt or two in me before this obsession fades a little. What do you think?

Time for one more, or should I call it a day?