Time Flies…

… when you’re having fun.

And it still is. Fun, that is. Thank you all, old friends and new, for making blogging still a rewarding, enjoyable, funny, hopeful and positive place to be creative, make friends, receive encouragement and share joy and sorrow.

Who knows where we’ll be in another 8 years, but I hope that I’m still blogging, that I still have things to talk about, there are new friends to ‘meet’ and fresh ideas to enjoy.

Thank you all. It has been a blast!

A sense of belonging

Today, it’s five years since I started blogging on WordPress.

And this is my 1,119th post.

Seriously? I can’t believe that I’ve been here that long. It seems such a short time ago that I made my first tentative steps into the blogging world. Prior to that, I’d sent out weekly newsletters of my doings to lots of friends and family far away. Blogging seemed like an easy next step that didn’t involve the occasional blocking of my emails by various servers, suspicious that I was spamming. And I could put in photos, and choose a format that looked nice.

By this point I was already following a few blogs, and dipped my toe into Blogger…. and hastily withdrew it, when I realised I hadn’t a clue how to make it work. WordPress was the next attempt, and I found it friendly, easy and accommodating. I’ve learned a few things since those first tentative steps, most important of which is that the world is filled with friends you haven’t met yet, that you can become close to people you’ve never seen and most likely never will, that you can care deeply about the doings of comparative strangers, and that you can belong to a community whose members stretch around the globe. Blogging is a journal, a place of friendship and support, a creative outlet and a never-ending source of interest, fun and delight. I know that its popularity is waning somewhat as people tend to the more instant and abbreviated pleasures of Instagram and its like, but I love words (no, really?) and for me, a blog post will always win over a photo and a hashtag.

A few stats… 1,119 posts, 830 followers, viewers from 142 countries, 131,647 views (46,727 from the US alone), 30,303 comments. One of the things I love about WP is the ease of accessing these figures. I do love a nice statistic…

Anyway, I just want to say thank you for following, sticking with me, commenting and liking. Thank you for being out there for me to talk to. Thank you for allowing me to belong in your lives in some sense ❤

Here’s to the next 5 years.