SAL 53: a time to dance

And a happy dance it is!

The big blue sampler is done. I realised I’d be away when the SAL after this one is due, and I didn’t want to wait for the session after that before I finished it, so I pushed on hard and got it done. It’s been a long time coming (I started it at the beginning of April 2016), but it’s complete at last. I suspect this one’s going on the wall in my sewing room 🙂 It will be quite strange not having it waiting beside my chair, especially after the fairly intensive stitching of the past few days.


And after:

I’ll be sitting out the next SAL, as the Husband and I will be on an adventure down south in New South Wales with the motorbike and trailer, catching up with a load of friends at our touring bike club national rally. Once I’m back though, I’ll be starting something new and completely different!

Do go and see what all the others are working on. As always, be aware of time differences for this multi-national group, and if there’s no post up yet, try again later 🙂

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CindyHelenStephLindaCatherineMary Margaret,
Timothy, Heidi, Connie, Jackie

The next SAL is on 29 October, but I’ll be away, so I’ll see you back here on 19 November. 

PS: Some of you might find this post familiar, and you’d be right. It was posted early in error when WP ignored the timing I’d put into the scheduling, for some reason. I took it down as soon as I spotted it…