Amethyst and pearl

Nearly done.

I just have to work out how to fasten the strands, either all together, or individually.

But I’m pleased with how the strands look, and the solution I found for the pendants, grouping them together on the bottom strand.

Some of the amethysts are real, and some aren’t, some pearls are real and others aren’t. I had a beautiful pearl bracelet made for me by Dawn Gill, but because I’m a klutz I broke it twice, re-threading it three times. Finally, I realised that I just keep catching it because I’m clumsy. So I’ve recycled the grey/lilac pearls, ‘cornflake’ pearls and silver jump rings into this necklace. Hopefully having it round my neck for special occasions will make it a bit safer!

Once the clasp(s) is/are on, I think I’ll put the beading aside for the time being. I think I have it out of my system for now!

The CYTL quilt is calling my name!

And now for something completely different

You probably have to be a Monty Python fan to appreciate the title…

Anyway, this IS completely different from anything I’ve posted about before. Let’s get to it. I’ve been trying to find a couple of necklaces to go with both outfits and earrings I already own. Sometimes you get an idea of what you want and you just can’t find the reality. My solution has always been to try and make what I want. I’ve never got into beading or other jewellery making, thinking I already had too many crafty ideas and I wasn’t going to get hooked on yet another process.

Um. Too late…

I had a box full of beads. Everything you see here except for the clasp and the coral-coloured beads is stuff I already had. Over the years, I’ve scooped up bits of this and that, recycled the other and chopped stuff up to save things I like and pass on the rest. Same with buttons. I even had the beading needles, left over from another project where I needed something really fine. So it was just a matter of laying stuff out in an arrangement I liked. I think maybe I’m going to weave the 3 coral strings in and out of the turquoise string, but I’ll see how it looks before I tie everything off and add the end caps and clasp. Maybe I’ll add another coral string to make it chunkier.

Fingers crossed I don’t make a mess of it. This is the first time I’ve done something like this, so wish me luck. I’ll show you the finished thing if it all works out. If not, well, everything can just go back into my bead box and I’ll carry on looking.

Also, if it does work out, I’ve got a second and more complicated necklace already laid out. That one’s going to need a bit of thought…

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m halfway through quilting Can You Teal the Love.