Words under Pressure #19

Two posts in one day? Well, sometimes you just have too much to say. And Words under Pressure need to be let out…

There’s nothing like taking up a new(ish) and dangerous sport when you’re old enough to know better…

I do get a few stares of disbelief when I talk about careering around the country on the back of a large and powerful motorbike. At 54 I suppose it’s not really surprising, but I’ve had a love affair with motorbikes for much of my life and now I have the Husband to share it with. We have no children or other dependents, we’re reasonably careful and law-abiding, and we do want to have some serious fun before we’re too old and decrepit. And boy, do we have fun….


I voyage for delight,
Venturing into the unknown
For the joy of discovery,
And soul’s refreshment.

Into the strange
I plunge, delirious, laughing.
Thoughts riotous,
My heart expanding.

I have broken out
Of my scribed circle,
The slow, sick spiral
Down into dullness.

See me fly!
I have seized the slipstream
And travel on the high winds
That circle the earth.

Envy me, earthbound.
I have launched myself at
The far places of the world.
I stride on clouds.

Are we having fun yet? Are we ever!

Words under Pressure #8

I have a photo for this poem, but it’s an old one, from the days of film.  Remember panoramic cameras, that would take wide or tall photos?  I had a good one, but they don’t make the film for it any more. There are some great pictures from my first ever trip to this wonderful country. I shall have to get round to scanning in the best panoramic shots I kept from previous adventures…one day.


Standing on the clifftop
Hair and clothes streaming
Heart singing
Breathing Atlantic infinity

Face turned to the sun
Eyes bathed in the glow
Of ultraviolet through lids
Skin carelessly caressed

Inhaling the air
The heady, healing compound
Of ozone, far distance, salt
Dolphins, sailing ships and fathoms-deep.

Feet among jewels
Flowering tiny and brilliant
Infinity encompassed in a shell
The grit of slow-built coral.