Meet Rosita

Rosita is a Lady of Negotiable Dimensions.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 5.54.03 amOr my new adjustable tailor’s dummy, if you prefer, but I think the other description is much more interesting. She’s red, she’s curvaceous, and the name Rosita seems made for her.

The lovely Husband of Chiconia found her for me on eBay, and she’s winging her way to me as we speak. She has dials everywhere, so I can adjust her torso width and depth, waist and hip width and depth, and torso length, which will give me a much better fit than dummies which simply get wider without getting deeper. I can give her a sturdy neck or a slender one. I can make her tall or petite on her stand, and best of all, she has a hem length marker for putting in pins at exactly the same level all round.

I’m thrilled at the new addition to the sewing room, and she’ll certainly brighten up her corner. She’s going to spend  her time being rather portly, because I am, but it’ll make fitting garments so much easier than trying to struggle in and out of precariously pinned pieces in my underwear. The language will be a lot cleaner, to start with! I’ll be able to see where things aren’t lying right, or there’s a saggy or gappy thing in some otherwise invisible place, adjust seams so they lie straight and make sure collars sit right. It’s going to be fab! I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such a clever and thoughtful Husband, but he’s mine! Find your own!

She’s due by the end of this coming week, so I think the Swoopy Shirt is going to be her first mission.