Blue hexies: evidence of industry

The rain was good for something, after all.

I have 40 hexie flowers made, as well as a bag full of ‘intermediate’ hexies to place between the individual flowers. That’s… rather a lot of work! But I enjoyed it, it gave my hands something to do while I listened to talking books, or YouTube or music.I’ll probably carry on cranking them out when I get home, having got so far ahead these past few days. One thing past experience has taught me, though, is that I need to start assembling too, not just making the flowers. Otherwise the exercise becomes hugely intimidating. Make up blocks, stitch the blocks together, remove the papers, press. If I stick to that routine, it won’t be nearly so discouraging to look at once it starts to grow!

We’re heading home tomorrow. An early start should see us on the road by 9.30am at the latest, and we should have a fairly straightforward run to get back. I’ve made sure there isn’t a laundry mountain to tackle, but we’ll need some groceries, and Mouse will need a while testing out all his beds to see which one he wants to sleep in after being ‘forced’ to occupy just the one bunk while we were away!

When I get back, it’ll be time to choose which of the many projects swirling around in my head I’m going to make a start on.


8 thoughts on “Blue hexies: evidence of industry

  1. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Safe journey home. And enjoy the choosing – of hexie layout and of new project.

  2. Choosing the next project is very hard. I’m making the choice by which needs to be done first. Looking forward to seeing those hexies become a quilt. Not having a mountain of laundry is a good trick.

  3. Safe travels my friend and happy‘’ when u get home 🏠
    One thing I always have when travelling on the bike is laundry 🧺 but it’s not too much so I get it done quickly ☺️

  4. Far Side says:

    Very nice hexies, I loved sewing them too! It was a small project I could take anywhere! Some day I may revisit it.

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