The scraps on my back

Not teeny ones this time, just for a change.

I decided I just had to have another shirt like the Nearly Hawaiian. The fabrics I had were either the wrong weight, or too small or too large. What I did have were reasonably large pieces left over from a whole bunch of other projects. So why not go with that? A scrappy shirt, but considered, not just flung together willy-nilly.

So I did. All dark blue and white, but with a pink and white collar, which picks up the pink roses featured in one of the fabrics. The largest piece was for the back, and I only just squeaked enough of the fabric. The front facings are pieced, the pocket is pieced, the sleeves are cut across the grain instead of along the grain, etc. The interfacing is pieced out of scraps too!

So, we have fabrics from the front and back of my Anemone quilt (still awaiting hand quilting 😕), and three fabric remnants from a hexie project I’m tinkering with. I think it’s a bit obvious I love dark blue and white fabrics. In fact, dark blue and white almost anything, as evidenced by my lifelong addiction to Burleigh Calico china

There might be another shirt or two in me before this obsession fades a little. What do you think?

Time for one more, or should I call it a day?

56 thoughts on “The scraps on my back

  1. cedar51 says:

    Kate as you can see my scrolling through inboxes have got me to be first here, looking at your fabulous semi scrappy shirt – looking good in it as well…Catherine

  2. nanacathy2 says:

    This really works, I love it. Oh yes another one too.

  3. craftycreeky says:

    I love it, definitely yes to another one…or more!

    • katechiconi says:

      I agree! This one is slightly heavier cotton than the earlier one, so next I’d like to make one that’s lighter. It’s an easy pattern, it fits without needing adjustment, and I find it flattering. Plus I’m going to use it for the top in a couple of pairs of pjs.

  4. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Love it! And I rally cannot imagine you throwing scraps together willy – nilly!

  5. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    Very pretty ! I wish I could make clothes for myself.

  6. You’re on a roll – it’s fantastic! Just one more, go on…..

  7. Definitely make another one! It looks great, and comfortable, so win/win

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s such a good way to use up pieces of dress or quilting fabric which are too small to make another garment. I have some pieces of quilting fabric with a large scale print which I don’t want to cut up, so this fits the bill for that too.

  8. Marty K says:

    Love it!!! I especially like the fabric with the pink roses and the way you used it on the lapels and yoke.

  9. If I were a seamstress, this would be my go-to pattern to use my scraps from other projects. When mindfully arranged, like you did, this makes for the most pleasing personalized type of sewing. Make up another, and maybe one for a friend, too!

  10. Bear says:

    I likes it! 🙂 <3. I love how you're able to put together all these colors/patterns and have them matchu up so well. I don't have such a flair with matching colors to do this sort of thing. Maybe, if I ask hubby and tempt him with a promise of fresh brownies, I might be able to get him to match me up some scraps colorwise. We've always laughed because if left to me, I wear solid colors the same top and bottom. I REALLY REALLY suck at matching things.

  11. Dayphoto says:

    Nice. Nice! NICE!!!

  12. tialys says:

    Much better on your back than in the scrap bin. Another one at least.

    • katechiconi says:

      People have asked me why I don’t make fully scrappy clothes, and the answer is that I don’t want to have to line everything. So many little seams, and I can’t overlock every one… This way, the only seams are where they should be. I do wish I’d had enough of the yoke/facing fabric, it’s really pretty…

  13. How could you go wrong … especially if it’s made from scraps !!!! The splash of pink definitely ‘umps’ up the shirt. I love it 😍 and more shirts like that is a must as there’s so many options in matching bottoms ❤️

  14. kymlucas says:

    Reminds me of Johnson China cups and sauces, like Willow Ware, I think it’s called. Very attractive!

  15. It’s looks to be a very wearable style, and you made it a standout with your fabric choices-matches 👏

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s one of those shirts you forget you have on because you never need to tweak anything. Also the style is *just* formal enough to not look slobby. I’ve picked the fabrics for the next one, but I’ll have to make the sleeves a couple of inches shorter due to not quite enough of the sleeve fabric. That’s OK.

  16. knitnkwilt says:

    That’s totally fun. If I still made clothing, I’d be tempted to try it.

    • katechiconi says:

      I had a lot of fun deciding what went where – some pieces chose their own destination due to size, of course. The next one is going to be a bit more demanding; I have to do some extra piecing and reducing.

  17. Moira says:

    Love the shirt! That color combo is a fav of mine as well. And you are looking great!

  18. Emmely says:

    That is some very nice scrap busting! It works!

  19. Kirsten says:

    Love this! And how you have mastered the art of the mirror selfie. Mine are still unbelievably awkward!! 😂

    • katechiconi says:

      I’ve found you have to hold the phone way off to the side, but angled towards where your image is, and it’s best to look away or your eyes look weird. And of course, always present a 3/4 view for maximum minimising! Not that I’m much of a selfie expert…

  20. It looks fun! What a neatly frugal way to use fabric scraps and a sweet reminder of bygone projects.

    • katechiconi says:

      There’s a certain minimum size requirement if you want to make a garment, but otherwise it’s a great way to use up treasured remnants. It’s something I’ll definitely do again!

  21. Thackeroy says:

    It looks great! I love the pop of pink on the collar.

  22. You keep your hands busy with so many uniquely interesting projects.

  23. I LOVE it, Kate!! How did I miss this. Oh, right. I was traveling. I love the pattern and the fabrics are wonderful. I love that dark blue and white china too. I would collects some if I had a place for it. It reminds me of the many I made from what was called a big shirt pattern. I ended up making many in flannel but this is the only one I posted on. Not nearly as nice as yours. I have only one made in cotton now properly packed away in storage. I hope you do make more.

    In Search of Good Enough…Almost

    • katechiconi says:

      I ❤️❤️❤️ your lovely Big Shirt! Really nice detailing, and it also looks very stylish and comfortable. One of those patterns that gets used again and again. I’m already on shirt No. 3, so keep an eye out for that soon.

      • I will keep my eyes out for number 3. That shirt had one sleeve cut incorrectly so I only wore it like an apron. Flannel is nice and warm here in winter months. Then I can keep the heat low.

      • katechiconi says:

        A cosy apron, what a brilliant idea! I like a big covered-up apron myself, the kind with a crossover back that you have to sort of climb into. I’m a splashy cook and a Dreadful Spiller, especially when wearing pale colours, so the protection is necessary.

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