A Scrappy Milestone

I know, I know, this is the wrong day.

But I’ve been hammering away hard at finishing up the blocks for the Hopscotch quilt and it’s done. All blocks are now complete.

I confess to a sense of relief. Oceans of 3 inch squares can be, well, dull, no matter how brightly coloured they are. 20 was enough, or 22 if you count the ones I used to make the recent book bag.

I don’t have a photo of every single individual block, since by the end I was moving them around a fair bit to get a layout I could live with. But here are the last 4. If you’re reaching for your sunglasses, I don’t blame you!

ScrapHappy Day will feature other scrappy projects for a while. I need to take a break from this before I start the task of sandwiching and quilting the blocks, and then joining them all together and binding it all. I have several ideas in the pipeline, so you won’t go short of colourful scrappiness.

And in other domestic news, I am happy to announce the hatching of Baby Sunbird(s?).🥂🐣

Mrs Sunbird is no longer sitting; she and Mr Sunbird are now business shooting to and fro with beakfuls of hatchling-fodder, mostly of the wriggling insect variety. Since this is a sensitive time, I’m respecting their privacy and restricting access to that area for both man and dog. Which is why this photo was taking through both glass and the screen door. You are seeing Mrs Sunbird moments after stuffing something leggy into a gaping baby beak. It must be a relief to stretch her wings after all that relentless sitting.

I’ll try and keep you posted. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to capture the next life-stage for your entertainment!

Time to go and look at something fabricky that isn’t a 3″ square.

39 thoughts on “A Scrappy Milestone

  1. Those blocks are impressive and I can imagine how wonderful it will look once completed 🤩

  2. All those colours and patterns are joyful from where I sit! So happy the sunbirds had a successful hatching.

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s a lovely quilt – different from and simpler than the earlier one, but contrariwise, will be completed much faster!
      I have my eye on Chateau Sunbird. Once she starts chucking out little packets of poop, I will know the kids are growing up!

  3. No sunglasses required, I can handle the brilliance.
    Those birds are fascinating, looking forward to the next instalment.

  4. nanacathy2 says:

    They might have become tedious but I love the scrappy quilt, so cheerful. Well Done to the birds on another new life.

  5. tialys says:

    Woah! That quilt would wake you up in the mornings wouldn’t it 😎
    Great news about the successful hatchling – I hope things go well for that little family.

    • katechiconi says:

      Cheerful, isn’t it? 😉 I’m keeping well clear of that door and not letting either the Husband or Mouse use it, so hopefully those babies will be able to grow peacefully.

  6. Bear says:

    It is so exciting to finish the squares isn’t it. I feel the same about all the little 1 inch hexagons I’ve been cutting and sewing as time and scraps allow. It’s a long journey. As it’s a memorial quilt to all the loved ones I’ve lost to covid, I just can’t seem to catch up. I’m almost at the point of having to divide it up into two quilts, sadly. I love the photos of the Mrs & Mr Sunbird, and now their little ones. 🙂 It brings joy to my heart to watch them.

    • katechiconi says:

      I like remembering that every scrap came from apiece that has been used to make Days for Girls kits, thereby freeing girls and women to attend school and work without missing days because it’s the ‘wrong time of the month’. A little piece of each kit lives on in this quilt.

      • Bear says:

        what a wonderful program. I’d never heard of it until you mentioned it, or it’s purpose. I’ve missed many a powwow because of the “time”…. we’re not to enter the sacred circle during that time.

  7. Someone is going to be very lucky to win this wonderful and happy quilt. No sunglasses needed here either. A break after so much hard work is well earned. Congrats on the completion.

  8. Emmely says:

    Awww, little baby birds!!!

  9. kymlucas says:

    I love the scrappiness of this quilt!

  10. Going Batty in Wales says:

    I love that quilt! Very colourful and cheerful. And congratulations to Mrs Sunbird.

  11. Dayphoto says:

    I LOVE your quilt!!! Now BABIES! Oh! YAY!

  12. Susan Nixon says:

    Congratulations on finishing enough blocks! Looks colorful and cheerful. And congratulations on the baby hatchlings.

  13. magpiesue says:

    Arranging those blocks could have resulted in a headache. It’s going to be one fabulous quilt in the end. So glad to learn there’s at least one hatchling in the nest.

  14. cedar51 says:

    goodness your post is full of magic both from the sewing room and the nest on the porch…

    • katechiconi says:

      I’m far more impressed by the magic on the porch. Those birds are amazing. Not only is that nest a miracle of textile art and engineering, but Mrs SB is raising her family in a swinging, shifting nest, somehow keeping her babies safe, warm and fed.

  15. Marty K says:

    Mazal Tov to the Sunbird family on their new hatchling(s)! Thank you for sharing the “socially distanced” photograph. Finishing the blocks for the happy scrappy quilt (I love all the colors!) at the same time is serendipitous. 🙂

  16. That’s wonderfully bright… just the thing here where I’m feeling a bit blue because the evenings are getting shorter and we are seeing less and less of the sun.

  17. […] addition to my recent scrappy posts here, here and here, I’ve been working on a small project for my lovely SIL (Hi, H!). She’s […]

  18. rutigt says:

    I love bright colors and this quilt is really gonna shine!

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