Trying it for size

They’re back.

The sunbird couple are flitting around the nest again. Not constantly, but regularly. Mrs SB spent a good hour this afternoon sitting in the nest with her head out the hole (see her curved beak sticking out on the right?). Whether she was assessing it for comfort, fit, ambience or location I don’t know, but she was there a good while. Maybe she was even laying an egg?

I’m going no closer than I absolutely have to. As it is, we’re reluctant to use the back deck for fear of disturbing her. Mouse, of course, is totally unconcerned, and as this is his route out to the back yard to do his business, he trots happily under the nest without paying it any attention. She ignores him right back… I do hope they’re planning to stay and raise a family. It’s usually two eggs, I believe, so maybe we’ll be seeing a pair of tiny curved beaks opening wide for nectar and insects from the hardworking parents. And of course, situated where they are, they’re safe from both larger predatory birds and cats, and extremes of weather.

On another note, I have one seam left to go on Twilight, always the hardest because I’m wrestling the full weight of the quilt and trying to keep quite tiny seams straight.

Tomorrow should see it done. Once more unto the breach, etc.  I also have the binding made and rolled up neatly, waiting for that bit to start. I need to start thinking about a label!

So, progress on all fronts!

45 thoughts on “Trying it for size

  1. Caroline says:

    I’m riveted by the sun bird saga XX

    • katechiconi says:

      Me too! I keep going to the sliding door to see if I can see her head sticking out of the hole! I let the dog out earlier, and there was a distinct sway of the nest on its wire, although there was no wind, so I suspect she’s in there.

  2. jmcheney says:

    You & Mrs. SB both diligently doing your things. Steady as it goes. “Good on” you two.

  3. Dayphoto says:

    How exciting! I really hope they are laying eggs (she) and they plan on staying awhile. I so want to see the progress! 🙂

  4. Ohhh this is so exciting…. I love it 🥰

    • katechiconi says:

      Very! Birds have such miraculous skills: singing, nest building, egg-laying, and survival in the face of huge odds, whilst still singing joyful songs and displaying their pretty selves for us all to enjoy. I’m quite envious of Mr Sunbird, I want his dark blue iridescent mask and bib!

  5. The birds seem to include neighbours in their assessment… they could have picked anywhere but they built a nest on the chandelier on our verandah where we sit the most… did not deter the birds in the slighest!

  6. kymlucas says:

    Love the bird update, including the curved bill. Don’t have many backyard birds in our area whose bills look like that. And, once more I am amazed at the beauty of your latest quilt.

  7. Marty K says:

    So glad the Sunbirds are back! I really hope that you get to watch the goings-on of them raising a family and hope that you’ll share what you can with us.

    I’m sure Mr. Mouse, being the empathic pupper that he is, will be willing to use the laundry door (especially if there are a few extra nibbles to sustain those extra steps from his normal route). 😉

    Twilight is positively lovely. This is definitely the kind of quilt I would want if I were to commission one (my sewing skills are woefully inadequate to make one for myself). 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      I’ve managed to get him to use it most of the time, but to be fair, the birds seem completely unfazed by our comings and goings so long as we don’t slam the doors.
      I’m stitching the binding down today, and hopefully can post the finished thing tomorrow – the Husband will be home in the morning to act as quilt-hanger for photography.

  8. Emmely says:

    So much fun to observe the birds from so close!
    And good progress on the quilt! I love the part when the finish line is so so close.

    • katechiconi says:

      She and I have checked each other out from about 50cm away, and found nothing to alarm us. Doggo is far beneath her notice… Today is hand-stitching the binding, and hopefully I’ll get it finished. Just the label to go.

  9. nanacathy2 says:

    How exciting to have birds in residence.

  10. claire93 says:

    quilt is look great, Kate. And fingers crossed the sunbirds have success raising their family!

  11. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Good luck to you with your quilt and to Mrs SB with her maternity duties.

  12. tialys says:

    That is one messy nest – you’d think if they are going to choose somebody else’s home on which to build an annexe they’d try to tidy it up a bit. It’s like having neighbours who use their front garden for old caravans and broken down cars or paint their exterior walls a revolting colour. I can’t think they applied for planning permission.
    Seriously though, if they started building the next with you living right next door, they can’t be bothered by your comings and goings although I’d probably be concerned too.

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s less of a building and more of an art-form, I think, each element carefully and thoughtfully placed. At some stage, I’ll have to sweep up all the rejected bits and pieces underneath, the parts that didn’t make the grade to become part of The Abode. Thankfully it mainly consists of dried grass and leaves, and we have been spared the old cars and caravans and bits of roofing material and children’s toys…! And they do seem quite sanguine about our movements, so I’m not going to worry too much.

  13. An interesting installation. I take it they are out of the wind, otherwise living inside that nest would be like being on a ride at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

    • katechiconi says:

      There’s a slight breeze, but it’s pretty protected. And after all, they’re birds, and half their lives must be spent on swaying branches. The nest is very securely anchored, and the worst swaying happens when they’re moving around inside it!

  14. Everything in nature is fun to watch. Keeping fingers crossed for them. Twilight is just lovely and I understand the wrestling act. Hope you are doing well too.

    • katechiconi says:

      I’m thrilled every time I see that little curved beak sticking out!
      Twilight is almost done. I have to finish hand stitching the binding today, add a label and then it’s done. Fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow for photographing it with the Husband’s assistance holding it up. I’m OK, a little unexplained fatigue which I ascribe to fluctuating blood sugar and not enough sleep. Pretty standard stuff!

  15. craftycreeky says:

    They’re amazing nests fingers crossed it’s a successful family home 🙂

  16. Do you have many snakes in your part of OZ ?(aka ‘the land that hates humans’ by some of my ex pat pals!) That’s a gorgeous nest, I asked because I’m wondering if the birds are evolving to nest closer to habitation to avoid snakes

    • katechiconi says:

      We do have snakes and deadly ones, but not so’s you’d see one every day, week, month – or year, in my case. Sunbirds are tiny and their eggs are about the size of your little finger nail, so they don’t present much of a benefit to a hungry snake. The thinking is that they nest close to humans to deter other birds, a much more likely predator.

  17. cedar51 says:

    I suspect by now – the eggs are all in-situ and Mr & Mrs are doing the right thing for them…
    Having the best and biggest catchup of blogs, some only get a like because the replies cover all what I might’ve said, if I was timely.

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