Floribunda #15: Blocks 21-23

Yes, the patchwork machine is lurching back into action.

After my recent unscheduled short break for some assorted Covid-vaccine side effects, I’m back at the machine. I treated myself to a good tidy-up on my work table (nothing too drastic, I do have ‘creative muddle’ to maintain after all) so that I could actually find a few things I needed, and the result is another 3 blocks in swift succession.

These are the start of the next row, and one (the top one) for the row below. On the same row there will also be three pink ones, but that’s for another day. I’m giving myself till mid-May to finish the front, to the end of 3rd week in May for the sandwiching and quilting, and to the end of May for assembly. The quilt has to be entered for the Mackay Show on 4th June. No pressure, then. But as we all know, I do get my skates on best when I have a deadline. I will, however, forgive myself if I miss it, since I’ll also be entering the Hatbox Quilt which didn’t go in last year because the Show was cancelled.

Watch this space for a blur of batik!

33 thoughts on “Floribunda #15: Blocks 21-23

  1. I really love the blur of batik!

  2. Mackay Show Mackay Show Mackay Show. That is your mantra for the next little while. 4 June is ages away – you have plenty of time! It’s too gorgeous not to be seen by everyone who goes to the Mackay Show (or any show, for that matter) so we are all monitoring your progress. Like you said, No Pressure, right? 😉 xx

    • katechiconi says:

      Some new definition of ‘no pressure’, then… But it’s all good. I have three of the next row done now, two more to go, and one of the bottom row. Just need to keep my nose to that grindstone.

  3. It must be fun to put them together then see how they shine at completion. I love them all and am extra fond of batiks too. I’ve been very concerned about the vaccine side effects. It is hitting some really hard. Can’t seem to get an appointment now. I’ll call again tomorrow. No openings anywhere. The whole thing is kind of frustrating.

    • katechiconi says:

      Some people I’ve talked to have had symptoms, others have had nothing. It’s all to do with how well your immune system is functioning. But so far all agree there’s no head or chest issues, it’s all aches and fever. Good luck getting your jab!

  4. nanacathy2 says:

    These are wonderful. Two quilts for the show double your chances. Good luck.

  5. tialys says:

    Ooh, your hatbox quilt definitely deserves a wider audience and this one will too I’m sure.
    I haven’t managed to find anywhere for my hatbox quilt to hang in the new house which is a bit sad. It won’t hang behind our bed anymore as the ceiling slopes down there so there’s not enough wall depth. 😭
    Now you have made yourself a schedule, I am pretty sure you’ll stick to it, barring accidents!! But, if you don’t, the sky won’t fall in so don’t stress too much. x

    • katechiconi says:

      Could you maybe hang the quilt on the sloping ceiling over the bed, like a canopy? It’s too pretty to hide away in a cupboard or box.
      I do have to get a bit of a move on with the quilt, as we’re going away for 4 days at the end of the month, during which time the only work I’d be able to do on it is hand stitching binding. We’ll see how it goes…

  6. Going Batty in Wales says:

    They are lovely! Good luck with getting it done in time.

  7. claire93 says:

    you always work best under pressure ^^ and, as you say, if for any reason you aren’t finished in time for show submission, you do have your Hatbox quilt to enter.

  8. Sharon says:

    Gorgeous blocks

  9. Terri says:

    Each new block is prettier than the ones before. Can’t wait to see all of them put together into the quilt.

  10. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    Stunning !! as always 😀

  11. “There’s no business like show business” tune popped into my head while reading!

  12. What a way to start back! Isn’t it amazing what a fresh clean room can inspire?:)!!

  13. cedar51 says:

    lovely to see your blocks and to hear that you’ve got enough to keep you busy and off the streets for a month or two…gentle hugs from across the ditch…

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