Floribunda 13: Block #17

Well, hello again. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve been furiously making masks; Queensland had a few cases appear suddenly, initially without any idea how. They’re on top of that now, but we’re still required to wear masks in public places, inside and ideally outside too. Everyone who’d put their masks away, got rid of them or had no more stock of disposable ones because of relaxed restrictions was suddenly in a bit of a pickle. I’ve made 10 in the past 3 days, so that’s the family sorted, but I’m keeping the supplies handy.

Now that the rush is over, I’ve had a chance to get on with Floribunda. I’m worried I’ll get lazy about it, let it migrate to the back burner, and then discover that I don’t have enough time to finish it before the Mackay Show admissions date. So I got another green block done. I have a pink block laid out ready to go, maybe tomorrow, or if I’m feeling energetic, perhaps tonight.

I still have to ration my sewing time; although the ankle is much improved and I’ve graduated from crutches to a cane, if I have to stand for more than a few minutes, walk too far, or let my leg dangle (as in sitting on a regular chair) the ankle balloons and throbs. So far, it’s good for an hour of sewing (or a seated tai chi class, as I discovered this morning), and then I have to elevate it. Do-able, but dull…

I got my anniversary present fabrics. The gold one is potentially for the back of Floribunda and the grey one is potentially for my most recent F2F blocks, either as backing or as filler blocks. They’re both Jocelyn Proust designs for Spotlight, and by luck they were both 40% off 🙂 The gold background fabric shows zebra finches, and the grey leaf fabric shows rose-crowned fruit doves. I really love her designs, combining simplicity and innocence with sophisticated colour choices and design. As bolt-ends in both cases, I could only get 3m of the gold and 2m of the grey, but I’ll work around that.

I hope you all had a great Easter and are ready for the seasonal change: winter for us and spring for the northern hemisphere. I’m really looking forward to cooler days and nights and fresh, crisp mornings for dog walking.

Once I’m walking again, that is.

44 thoughts on “Floribunda 13: Block #17

  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful ☺️
    The fabrics are lovely and how much better when it’s on discount!!!
    I also did a bit of shopping on Sunday and came back with some very pretty blues… I will be posting soon 🤩

  2. That’s a gorgeous block. Good luck with your finishing goal for the local show.

    • katechiconi says:

      I do love this block, the Ribbon Star. Not just pretty, but really easy too! I think I should be able to get it done, but it’s going to be a QAYG effort, so I still have a fair bit to do!

  3. tialys says:

    Shame about the renewed necessity for masks. Even though our lockdown is easing in stages now, I can’t see the distancing and mask wearing disappearing for a while yet. Still, best to be safe.
    Love the birdy fabric – a very lucky, bargain find.

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s interesting, but people are now much more compliant about masks than they were the first time round. Our total death toll is still under 1,000, and it may be that people want to keep it that way…
      The fabric’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Such a find!

  4. Sorry to hear that you are all back to mask wearing but glad your foot is improving. Those fabrics are beautiful (as is the block but I’ve said that before!)

  5. Sorry that you have to restrict your sewing time, but it still sounds like you’ve been busy at the machine!
    We’re most definitely in autumn here, I just love it SO much.

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s still pretty hot here, 30°C during the day, but it’s getting a bit darker mornings and evenings. Roll on May/June! It’s probably no bad thing that I have to plan sewing time and line things up ready to work on. It does make for progress!

  6. claire93 says:

    lovely fabrics and lovely block ^^
    I have a question regarding QAYG sashing, Kate. Was wondering if you cut your wider strips 2″ or 1.5″ ? I’ve done QAYG in the past and followed Gourmet Quilter’s tutorial, where she uses 2″ strips, folded in half and 1″ strips for the other side. Then, this morning, I was watching a few more videos and I saw people using a 1.5″ strip folded on one side. Am getting ready to QAYG with my zodiac blocks, and just wondered what width strips you use?

    • katechiconi says:

      For the front, I cut 1″, which gives a 1/4″ width sash once sewn on. For the back, I cut 1.75″ sashing. I find 2″ too wide, you have too much flappy overlap. 1.75″ is narrower and tidier. It’s just wide enough to allow you to machine sew it down without missing the fold. If you’re going to hand sew the fold down, then 1.5″ would probably be enough. I tend to machine stitch if the quilt’s going to get a lot of use and therefore washing. For a more decorative item which won’t be washed so often, then hand-sewing will give you a more perfect finish which is slightly less durable. Hope that helps!

  7. Family first – after you got them re-masked then you went on to enjoy your quilty deeds! Good on you!

  8. Marty K says:

    Each block you share is more beautiful than the last! You picked the perfect fabrics and the perfect design to highlight them.

    Sorry your ankle is taking a while to mend, but glad that you’ve graduated from the crutches. We’ve been reopening gradually, but masks and social distancing are definitely going to be the norm for the foreseeable future.

    • katechiconi says:

      I wonder how many quilts are the result of Covid-enforced inactivity…. This one, not so much, since I’d planned it before the whole thing began, but it’s an interesting speculation.
      The ankle’s a pain, but at least it’s not in a cast and I can shower!

  9. Dayphoto says:

    I’m so glad you are doing (somewhat) better. I hope the healing continues and at a wee bit of a faster rate. Love your blocks, by the way.

  10. I do like that gold fabric with the zebra finches.
    I hadn’t heard that you’d had some covid cases… I hope they worked out the source. We were discussing masks just earlier on today and saying that we will keep ours to use when doing dusty jobs or if either of us have a cold once this whole business is over… I think they could be quite useful. On the bright side covid-wise, both of us have now had our first vaccinations, so maybe masks won’t be so important soon.

    • katechiconi says:

      They have worked out the source: an asymptomatic nurse and her also asymptomatic super-spreader partner. Neither at fault, but between them they caused a lot of panic, testing and about 8 new cases. Like you, I think I’ll be using masks again. Going to the doctor’s, for example, especially in flu season! Our vaccinations are a way off, sadly, but we’ll hope it opens all sorts of opportunities again.

  11. Wonderful bird prints! Floribunda is thrilling during the process, and will be when completed!

  12. Kate, your block is stunning. I love these colors. I’m sorry you’re still limited at the sewing machine, but all in due time. It took months for my foot to feel better after last year’s surgery. It’s tedious, I know. Your new fabrics are lovely. For some reason the yellow one reminds me of bees. It’s funny what our brains interpret.

  13. PS Sorry to hear about the outbreak. I have a whole wardrobe of washable masks, now. I’ve been wearing them for over a year, and I fear they’ll be around for awhile.

    • katechiconi says:

      They have it under control, only 3 new cases in the last 24 hours and none of them community-acquired, all travellers. I like a colour-coordinated mask, I must say!

  14. Debbierose says:

    Yummy fabrics, love watching this project flourish

    • katechiconi says:

      They are cute, aren’t they? I don’t normally like making quilts where the blocks are all the same, but in this case the colours and fabrics make sure things don’t get too boring!

  15. Sharon says:

    Sending ‘continue healing’ positive thoughts your way. Beautiful block and love the new fabrics

  16. cedar51 says:

    Looking good all round, although not quite “masks and ankles”.

    And in another week or so, our TransTasman bubble is to open. Here’s hoping nothing much goes pearshaped. Although the season for us both isn’t “let’s go to the beach” as Autumn arrives. I never realised how many people trip back and forth between our two countries…apparently flights and destinations are filling up with wannabe travellers.
    I won’t be coming…I don’t even have a passport 🙂 I would much rather be fit enough to travel in my own set of islands…

    • katechiconi says:

      I won’t be doing any long distance travel myself; for one thing, my back’s not up to more than 2 hours in the same seat. But I’m really happy that those who need and want it will soon be able to. And on the bright side, I’m off the crutches at last, and getting about with just a cane. Still not able to dangle the foot for more than an hour, though, so sewing is rationed 😦

  17. I knew you – absentia would be busy at something/s. Worthy things. I like your new fabrics, the motif and the colours. I’ve been awol also… the pre-Easter rain bomb on the back of a rainy summer has created perfect autumn conditions for the proliferation of mould… worst we’ve ever had. On the bright side we weren’t planning to venture too far anyway.

    • katechiconi says:

      Oh Lord, mould’s monstrous, isn’t it? We’ve just had to scrub out a patch in the caravan where a seal is deteriorating. Never mind, cooler, drier weather is coming, they say…

  18. Great fabric! You are right on as always:). I am sorry about your foot. I hope you out and walking the dog again soon. Mask or no mask just enjoy the moment!❤️

  19. magpiesue says:

    Funny, I can’t imagine life without a mask. But then, my circumstances are different. 😉 Glad to know you’ve been busy and not suffering some new calamity. I will echo the others and continue to send healing vibes your way so you can move about more comfortably ASAP.

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