An aside from Mouse

Hello people, Mouse here.

I thought I’d better interject as the Staff are being pretty slack about posting just now (possibly, but at least we’re not being slack about your feeding and walkies and bones and strokies – Mum). Mum keeps lounging about with her foot up on a cushion, and I’m not at all keen on those big sticks she’s using to help her get about… they make me rather nervous.

Dad thought it would be good for us all to get out of the house yesterday, and as you know, I like a nice drive in the car. So, anyway, the Staff got their errands done and then it was lunchtime. Now, normally, I don’t do lunch, I have a figure to maintain, but the Staff need feeding to keep their strength up to look after Me. Mum put in a request for sushi and Dad wanted the Noodle Hot Box, so Hot Wok it was… I have to say, the whole thing smelled wonderful. They picked it up, and we went to the beach to eat it, which is the Staff’s ‘thing’. I had not realised they had bought me a snack, until Mum served me up an unrolled Beef Teryaki nori roll, and it smelled so good I wolfed down the lot, nori, rice and all. I mean, seaweed! Yuck, right? Not at all! I shall look at green stuff with different eyes in future. Mum says she’s happy to report that there were no, ahem, unfortunate side effects, either….

While they were noshing, Mum spotted a cloud which she said was me chasing a bone she’d thrown for me. I don’t see it myself…. I was more interested in whether she was going to eat that California roll she was waving about, or whether I’d get to try it. You’ll be happy to know that the Starving Greyhound impression paid off once again, and I got the end of it. Also extremely tasty!

Mum does seem a bit more cheerful, although she’s still seriously lame, and her paw is all sorts of strange colours. Her knee is also not right, smells like it needs a good lick clean, but she says she can manage that herself, thank you very much. I ask you, gratitude… She’s going to her vet later this morning, poor thing. I hope hers is less keen than mine – it seems like the first thing that always happens is a thermometer stuffed you-know-where. (So how is that different from your nose up my bum, steering me towards the frozen chicken neck department? – Mum) (Enough of your cheek – Mouse).

Anyway, that’s it. Thought I’d just bring you up to date. I don’t have any travel plans coming up, so I’m afraid I’ll be leaving you to the tender mercies of the Staff for news and entertainment.

Nose boops,






43 thoughts on “An aside from Mouse

  1. Dayphoto says:

    Sorry about Mum and her paw and knee. I can imagine being cooped up was starting to be a tad wearing also. So Dad was right on to take all of you to the beach. YAY for an outing.!

  2. Marty K says:

    Hi Mouse. I’m glad that you’re seeing to your Mum’s foot and knee. I don’t understand why she’s not letting you help with the bathing, but you know how humans can be. I hope that she had a good vet visit too. I”m sure that your adorableness is providing a nice distraction.

    Personally, I see you chasing a nice big piece of tuna roll in the clouds…

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi, Miss Marty! It’s weird but Mum prefers wiping the knee with smelly brown stuff instead of letting me give it a good lick for her, but never mind… Her vet says she has to use those stick things for at least another few weeks, so I suppose I’d better get used to them.

  3. Good thing Mouse you’re A1 at supervising and keeping us up to date, must be a relief for Mum that she can rely on you when she needs to delegate.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Aunty Dale! Yes, I’m an excellent supervisor, and while normally it’s Mum’s job to look after Me, I can come through when my Staff is in need of help. She says she’s over the crutches (does she mean those sticks?) and can’t imagine how she’ll cope with them for another 3-4 weeks….

  4. That Hot Wok picnic sounds great, Mouse. I think it must have been especially great for Mum to get out of the house, even if she couldn’t manage it without the sticks and lots of assistance.
    And I agree with you about the seaweed. I mean, who knew, right? Before you know it, someone will be telling us that roasted cockroaches are just as good as prawns, or that a few dried algae flakes add magic to any casserole.

  5. tialys says:

    Thanks for the update Mouse. We’re glad to hear you’re not being neglected in the house of pain and new and different treats are coming your way. Our staff have a book called ‘Dogs Dinners’ by a thoughtful human called Debora Robertson. Mum has made us biscuits from it so far but we know there are things in it like salmon fishcakes, beef, barley and broccoli casserole and carrot and apple cupcakes. She says one day she’ll get round to some of those.
    Imagine having your very own cloud! We’re going to do a bit of skygazing and see if we can spot it.
    Flo & Stan xx🐾

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Flo, Hi Stan! Mum says that book sounds great, only she’d worry about some of the ingredients ‘whizzing through’ and requiring hazmat suits to deal with afterwards… I don’t know what she means, I’m sure. I must say I like the sound of the salmon fishcakes, I’m rather partial to a bit of fish. I wouldn’t waste too much time looking at the sky; I can’t help feeling Mum was using a rather large dose of what they apparently call ‘imagination’. I couldn’t see a thing, myself. Mouse xx

  6. Bear says:

    Good to hear you’re taking such good care of mum, mouse. I think the cloud does look like you. Watch out for her sticks they do occasionally find paws and then ouchy. Tell mum were praying she heals quickly. – Bear & Leah

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Bear, Hi Leah! Mum says thank you for the prayers, and to let you know that so far, it’s crutches on paws: 0 and bony paws on sore foot: 3. I have no idea what she’s on about…

  7. We are allowed to have visitors now as long as there are no more than 3 all from one household and they stay outside so at last there are more people to give us the adoration we deserve. Stay well away from those sticks – you don’t want to trip over them or knock her over. We are glad to hear that the feeding, walks and treats are still being attended to properly. That trip to the beach sounds good and those treats…..
    ########## – that was Daz the cat trying to take over from Mum!

    Now whee were we – Oh yes! Make sure Mum rests properly by giving you lots of fuss and do keep her entertained. sending you wags. Orchid and Roo

  8. kymlucas says:

    Sounds like a lovely and well-deserved outing. 🤕 You take care of Mum, you hear?

  9. Thank you for letting us come along with you for a vicarious lunch, Mouse. I’m looking forward to our first take-out picnic in a year, just as soon as I get shots from our “vet.” Tell Mum we’re rooting for her healing!

    • katechiconi says:

      Will do, Miss Laura Grace. Shots aren’t too bad, I find, I’m always very stoic about them at the vet’s myself, and if it let you do stuff it’s worth it! Sounds like you’re ready for a change, too…

  10. cedar51 says:

    Mouse, I think Mum needs a type of dog (foot) box under the covers so that her foot is not being strangled. On the other hand maybe just a lot of napping in a comfortable place will assist. I’ve been having a lot of problems sleeping as well, not from covers strangling my feet but where to rest my head/which pillow. So now back to my day pillows at night and that seems to be helping…
    Great though you all got to go out in the car, a change of scenery is always an uplift and getting food that even you could cope with at Hot
    Wok seemed to be great. Yesterday I went on a short trip out that included taming my locks, a great burst – and then bought a small quiche to eat some place else…some how better than wrangling food at home of which I do have more than enough of…

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello Miss Catherine, Mum says the problem with your sensible suggestion of a foot cage at the end of the bed is that Dad would undoubtedly bash his feet against it and then they’d both be dead lame! And yes, there’s nothing to beat a nice outing in the fresh air and sunshine when you’ve been cooped up.

  11. Hey Mouse .. good to see you are keeping an eye on mumsy 🥰 She needs a bit of attention seeing as she looks after you and dad so well. Make sure she keeps her foot up as much as she can even though I know she will get all her chores done while hobbling. Hugs to you and mum & dad 💝

    • katechiconi says:

      Aunty Chippy! Hi! Wagwagwag! Mum says to tell you that not ALL the chores are getting done. She can’t sweep or vacuum while on the crutches so it’s getting a bit hairy in the corners (I can’t see anything wrong with a bit of nice silky greyhound hair, myself…). Dad has taken over the walkies for at least the next week, and Mum says she’s getting quilt inspiration from the colours her ankle is still turning after a whole week!

  12. anne54 says:

    Thanks for the update, Mouse. You are doing a wonderful job of looking after Mum, but it will be so nice for everyone when she can throw away those sticks. Then you will have your Staff in their right places again ~ right by the frozen chicken necks. Give her a pat from me. xx

  13. Terri says:

    Hi Mouse – Peanut here – My mom gave me the ok to write and tell you what a good job you’re doing taking care of your mum. I’m sure she appreciates all your gentle caring and it will help her recover sooner. Watch out for those sticks and enjoy the trips to the beach.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Peanut! I always enjoy getting my own messages! Mum says to tell you that I’m doing an excellent job and showing lots of helpful affection. Dad said if he gets home in time he might take us all to the dog park so I can run and Mum can get out of the house. Of course, I can run in my own yard, but I like the exciting new smells and messages at the dog park!

  14. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    Oh Mouse you always make me smile ! Thank you ! How is mums foot ?

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