The Travels of Mouse: loot!

Hello, me again, Mouse.

Mum wanted to take over and write this post herself. Imagine! Anarchy would reign. Travel posts are Always Mine and the Staff should remember that they are Staff and not Top Dog. I suppose in the interests of domestic harmony and Staff contentment I should convey what she was trying in her feeble way to say… So, here’s what we got up to yesterday.

It was a day of rest for all of us. Meals were of course served on time, and the walkies rituals observed, but I let them do their own thing apart from that. The result was that Dad wanted to visit somewhere to buy a new higher tow hitch and Mum wanted to visit somewhere to buy fabric. And we spent hours doing it. Well, OK, I exaggerate slightly (Surely not? – Mum. Enough of your cheek – Mouse). Dad was in the shop for 15 minutes. Mum was in her shop for 20 minutes, and apparently it’s “Epic, 4 big rooms of racks of fabric and an amazing work room where they do the quilt classes” (see below).

The rest of the time was driving. They thought it’d be fun to come back via the Gold Coast Highway, along the coastal strip, instead of the Pacific Motorway. As Dad said later “We’ve done that once, we don’t need to do it again”. And Mum agreed. The Gold Coast is an extraordinary place, but none of us would like to live there, even if we were millionaires.

So. Dad was unsuccessful in his shopping. Mum wasn’t. She was looking for fabrics for her other niece’s quilt, and I must say, I rather like the fabrics she selected, which are on the darker side of the colour scale. Rather like myself… She wants me to tell you that the dark shot fabrics are by Reece Scannell, and both are packs of 10 pieces of 20 x 20cm (about 8 inches). The Jelly Roll strips are Victorian Textiles batik strips, and each pack contains 40 pieces of 2½ x 44 inches. If you love art textiles, do go over to the Reece Scannell website, there are some absolutely beautiful things to drool over. OK, enough Mum-speak, I’m quite zorsted by all this excitement over bits of cloth.


We came home, the Staff had lunch and then we all had a nice nap, even Mum. And then, horrors! A massive thunderstorm!

(We’re the blue dot on this map). I absolutely hate thunder. (This is a major understatement, which is unlike my Lord and Master. He’s frankly terrified, he shakes and drools and paces. The only good thing was that we were in the caravan, I’d brought his Thunder Shirt, and lots of reassuring and back rubbing and talking to him kept him from bouncing off the walls – Mum). The Staff were helpful, and fortunately it didn’t last more than a couple of hours, but I was very, very zorsted after that.

Today, we’re going up to Mooloolaba to see Uncle Kev and Aunty Chrissy. Dad has located somewhere for brunch that looks promising, apparently, and is doggo-friendly. I hope there will be some sampling available, unless chilli is involved. Mum says she doesn’t really feel she’s on holiday yet as there has been No Meat Pie. I’m afraid I second that emotion. Ham sandwiches are all very well, but a meat pie is Proper Food.

Let’s wait and see. I can always make my feelings known in the car if necessary, heheheh

35 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: loot!

  1. Bear says:

    I was looking at your map, Mouse, what an awesome line of storms. So glad you had mum there to comfort you through it. BTW, I absolutely adore those place names… Deception Bay, Tweed Heads, Strafers Paradise… So descriptive. Here in our neck of the world, we have a place called Rabbit Hash that has a Doggie for Mayor this year. It’s a historic place hereabouts with a genuine General Store…. they had a bad fire a few years ago and had to rebuild so it’s a little different. But I visit the Mayor there often in warmer months as I like to sit down by the Ohio River there. This year’s mayor is a blond pug. Cute! Not as cute as you are, though. Go and look for some meat pie, and have a good vacay!

  2. Thank you for the insight, Mouse. Or thank your Mum. I’ve never had a meat pie, so clearly I’ve never been on a real holiday. Must. Remedy.

    • katechiconi says:

      Oh, Miss Laura Grace, how drefful! You poor thing… unless you just don’t eat meat? I know there are people who don’t, can’t understand it myself. The Great Australian Meat Pie is a cultural thing. It might be like saying you’ve never had a hamburger. It’s a shame you don’t live in Seattle, you could try one for yourself:

  3. Dayphoto says:

    Sorry about the thunder, but the whole trip sounds like FUN!

  4. nanacathy2 says:

    After all the discussion of meat pies I was wondering how they are different from British meat pies. I’m sure you- Mouse- would love a nice steak and kidney pie with lashings of gravy. Tell Mum her fabric looks delicious too.

    • katechiconi says:

      Mum says very little difference except a much greater availability and choice! Also some serving and flavour combinations that you might find… unusual. A nice S&K with gravy and puff pastry top on a shortcrust base sounds ideal. What are you and Mum having?

  5. claire93 says:

    lots of lovely eye candy in the fabric shop ^^

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s the most fabulous place and I’ve been wanting to visit for years. Not cheap, but oh, the variety, and they’re super-nice and helpful and their online service is very good too.

  6. I can imagine how scared you are my poor boy Mouse. I’m glad mum & dad were super attentive as Timmy here says it’s no fun at all and he hides under the pool table when that happens.
    I know pieces of cloth are boring to you but oh soooo wonderful to meeeee 🤩
    Tell mum it’s heaven seeing the room full of quilts 😍
    Have an awesome day today and tell mum I’ll call her tomorrow as I’m off to lunch with the future in laws this afternoon 🥰

  7. That you were staying on the Gold Coast appears to have been lost in the clutter of my mind and all that’s been happening including the Covid border closures… now I’m driving myself crazy… 409 km! So near but so far and so many things happening. If only -with the benefit of hindsight- we could have arranged something 😦

    • katechiconi says:

      You know, it might have been worth it, or it might not. All it would take is a mini-outbreak somewhere and the border would slam closed leaving either of us on the wrong side of it. We could have stood at Tweed Heads and shouted at each other across the border, with the traffic whizzing past! We have had our credit at the White Albatross extended so will be rebooking for next Feb/March, vaccinations permitting. Vera’s on it too.

  8. tialys says:

    Poor Mouse. Stan and I are also petrified of thunder but Stan is much worse than me. If one happens during the night we mill around the house restless manner, whimpering and carrying on until one of the staff gets up and tends to us.
    Talking of the staff, Mum would like to know how on earth you managed to spend only 20 minutes in that shop. She said she would probably have been in there for a least an hour. Madness!
    Love Flo xx

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Flo! Thunderstorms are just Not Right, are they. I was terribly thirsty today after all the panting and drooling yesterday. Mum says it was lucky she’d fed me just before it started or she’d have lost a hand at breakfast time; I can’t eat when i’m stressed.
      She ALSO says she was fully aware of the danger of entering Fifi’s, had a list, knew what she was after and treated it like a military exercise: in, raid, pay, out, without allowing herself to be distracted by the 30% off designer X, and Sale of designer Y. The Reece Scannell precuts were a lucky find; she wanted shot cottons but hadn’t dreamed of finding curated selections in exactly the right colours.
      OK, now I’m zorsted from all that Mum-speak. Time for snoozles. Love, Mouse xxxx

  9. modflowers says:

    Whenever we’ve been over to visit my sister we’ve taken a trip to the beach at Mooloolaba – I love it there. Travel, beaches and shopping for fabric all seem like very distant memories at the moment, so it’s lovely to read about your experiences and live them vicariously.

    • katechiconi says:

      We’re glad to inject a little Down Under sunshine and lifestyle into your locked-down life! The Husband’s brother lives in Mooloolabah, in strolling distance of the esplanade, cafés and beach. It’s hell, but someone has to do it… Mind you, the SIL says she wishes she lived where we do, because the beaches are so much bigger and emptier 🙂

  10. We aren’t scared of thunder but we know some dogs are. You have your staff very well trained to look after you so don’t even think of getting less bothered by it! Shopping is really boring and we don’t understand why staff enjoy it. Hope you get your meat pies today and have more fun. O & R

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi, Orchid & Roo. I managed to score roast chicken this evening, and when there was a roll of thunder I didn’t even care… I bet I can cadge a load of pie from Mum if I look especially cute and appealing.

      • Good for you! Keep up the good work! What does roast chicken taste like? It smells great but we have never had any. Our Mum is mean.

      • katechiconi says:

        Mum generally gives me some cartilage, some skin and a little bit of meat, and that’s it. She’s not mean, exactly, but a bit stingy when there’s a whole bird. Chicken tastes like, well, chicken… I think the best thing about it, though, is the smell, which I can detect from four rooms away!

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