The Travels of Mouse: three time’s the charm

Hello again, Mouse here.

It has not been a trip of unalloyed delight so far. (I dunno, I just write what he tells me – Mum). We got away on time and seem to have brought everything we need as far as the Staff can tell. However, that is where the story starts to go wrong. At a distance too far to turn around, we discovered while refuelling that the Anderson plug connecting the caravan to the car (which powers the fridge/freezer containing supplies of MY food) had pulled out due to being a bit too short, trailed on the ground and been stripped down to its metal contacts by the friction of the road. Much language ensued. It was Sunday and we were nowhere near anything that could fix it for us, but we found a service station that sold electrical tape, and Dad got to work. Mum says it’s called MacGyvering.

He found a connector cord we had for one of the car fridges, which had an Anderson plug at one end. He spliced in this cord and plug, removing the car fridge connector at the other end. There was a lot of electrical tape and not a few cable ties involved, but it held until the next major city 300+km away, where he was able to buy proper connectors with shrink sleeves. It was quite impressive!

We got to our first camp site, Tannum Sands, at a reasonable hour.  This is where Mum managed to hurt her sore paw for the third time in as many weeks. Some lazy camper had left a tent peg in the ground because they couldn’t pull it out. Instead of hammering it all the way in to make it safe, they left the hooky bit sticking out and pointing up. It had gone rusty and couldn’t be seen against the browns and greens of the bush floor. So of course, she caught the sticky-out toe of the Boot on it, went flying and landed face first in the dirt. I was a Very Good Boy and stayed put to guard her, and some people came to help because they saw what had happened. One man was on crutches, and said he’d pull the hook out with a crutch, but sadly only succeeded in bending it slightly… I like Tannum, it’s quiet, it’s got lovely smelly bushland all around it, some really good places to walk, and Mum says so long as you wear your insect repellant, the sandflies won’t eat you alive aren’t too much of a bother.

The third and final upset was caused by the satnav. It kept adding time to our projected arrival time at the next stop. Dad was getting very worried that we wouldn’t get here before dark. Mum was a bit dubious, and did a cross-check with Google Maps. Satnav said arrive 7pm. Google Maps said 3.30pm. We reprogrammed the satnav. Turns out Google Maps was right! We’d been rushing like crazy, hadn’t stopped for anything except fuel and grabbing a sandwich, oh, and letting Me out for, ahem, “some fresh air”, for them, not me (that would be right, Mr Fluffbum – Mum). Turns out we could have taken our time a bit more, stopped for lunch, (not driven past several perfectly good pie stops – Mum), etc.

So, now that we’ve got the bad luck in threes out of the way, it’s time to enjoy ourselves. This holiday park is lovely! It’s the Gold Coast BIG4 at Helensvale, and while it’s right by the Gold Coast theme parks, you’d think you were in the heart of the country. There’s bushland, a huge fenced play park for doggos, lots of different types of accommodation from luxury cabins to unpowered tent sites, a water park and pool (with a movie screen!), a riverside walk, an activity centre where they do everything from colouring sessions for small humans to daiquiri tastings for large humans, plus it’s convenient for shopping for groceries. Normally, Mum says, we wouldn’t stay here. Going south, it’s too far from the previous stop. Coming home, it’s not far enough, making the next stage too long. But if you’re looking for somewhere friendly, attractive, well maintained and perfectly placed for family holidays, this would be it. The en suite bathrooms are lovely, the landscaping is immaculate, the staff are super-friendly and helpful and so far, all the campers and their doggos have been really nice.

It’s apparently going to be a ‘lazy day’ with not too much activity planned. I will be snoozing and getting my usual levels of public admiration from passers-by, Dad will be able to sit and paw at his plank in the shade, and Mum will cut fabric squares and hopefully avoid any further damage to that paw or any other paw.


40 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: three time’s the charm

  1. Well as mum said all things do happen in threes so all will be well…
    Tell mum I love the term ‘Mcgyvering’ 🤩as I call uncle Jonathan that 🥰

  2. anne54 says:

    Well, Mouse, it is good to get the mishaps out of the way on the first day. Life should be a gentle breeze for you and the Staff now. Tell your Mum I am sorry she had to be the one to find the tent peg. I hope her poor paw (and her dignity) is okay.

    • katechiconi says:

      Mum says the dignity was in shreds (black from face to toe), but the paw didn’t suffer too badly and is back to where it was before the incident. She says, Besides, we’re going fabric shopping today at Fifi’s Fabricology at Burleigh Heads, and all pain will be forgotten. Dad and I will stay safely in the car…

  3. Ouch! hope the blue air has dissipated and that all paws heal up right quick!

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello, Miss Kjerstin! It was a bit fraught all round for the Staff, but things seem to be back to normal now… Say hello to the Hittys for me, and tell them I am not the kind of doggo that seizes small wooden things and runs away with them, I am a Good Boy.

  4. Now the Murphy’s Law has had its airing it should be happy camping, relaxing and recreationing from here on… I hope the weather is wonderful, and there are lots of shopping bargains, delicious treats and yummy meals 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Aunty Dale! The weather has been good, any rain has come at night, and the days are warm, sunny and breezy. I got a bit scared last night with some thunder and lightning and took Dad straight home, as we were out for a walk, but it soon stopped. We are meeting Dad’s brother Uncle Kev tomorrow for brunch, and from descriptions Dad is reading out, I expect some quality sampling to happen 🙂 Please say hi to Deez for me, and say that Mum is already talking about booking February/March next year for the annual trip down, so I might see him then.

  5. kymlucas says:

    I’m sure things will go smoothly now you’ve got the troubles out of the way. Not much can’t be fixed with duct tape, tie-wraps and a Leatherman … assuming you’re mechanically minded or partnered with someone who is. So grateful to be the latter. 😉

  6. magpiesue says:

    So glad to learn Mum’s paw is still in good working order. Hopefully there won’t be any more mishaps this trip; you’ve certainly had your share.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Sue! I thought it was quite funny that Mum tripped on the trip, but her face told me it was not a good time to share that particular joke. I’m quite good at reading faces… Anyway, she’s walking quite normally – for two legs, that is.

  7. Sounds like great fun! Enjoy!

  8. cedar51 says:

    I see I’m late to the party – but at least the 3s have been dealt to – and most of those things involved are happier. I imagine a bit of fabric shopping helped.
    I certainly understand about the need for art supply shopping, something I did last week after some extreme “other happening”. Although it took a bit of online searching to find any online catalogue that didn’t have those dreaded words “out of stock” … seems that some stock in certain stores are not essential enough to arrive from another land…

    • katechiconi says:

      Mum says she’s all too familiar with the delights of art supplies shopping, and was close to whimpering as we zoomed past an Eckersley’s ( today, but having spent silly amounts on fabric she didn’t feel she could say anything… We’re glad you managed to find what you needed.

  9. Marty K says:

    After the rough start, hope your travels are all smooth sailing from here on! Glad your Mum’s paw wasn’t hurt worse and hope that nothing happens to your paws. I’m sure that you were a Very Good Boy by standing by her to make sure nothing else happened after she fell.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi, Miss Marty! Mum says she’s fine today, and you wouldn’t know anything had happened. She took the Boot off again, and says she *thinks* things are finally on the mend. She also says she’s impressed that I didn’t take off into the dim blue yonder when she did her face-plant, as it was certainly unexpected behaviour on her part….

  10. tialys says:

    Well, I didn’t even know you were off on your travels again so that was a surprise.
    Now the dreaded ‘3s’ are out of the way, you can all enjoy yourselves.
    As for holiday camps/activities/restaurants/fabric shops – I can barely remember what they are .

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello, Aunty Lynn, I’m sure I mentioned it last time, but never mind. I’m sorry you’re not having so much fun – what can we do to help?

      • tialys says:

        I find my fun where I can Mouse. Yesterday I went to an English supermarket (Waitrose) for the first time since we arrived – no delivery slots available – and I was like a kid in a sweet shop, having to investigate all aisles and shelves and taking forever.

      • katechiconi says:

        Did you find lots of nice English things you’d missed in France?

  11. I’ve never heard of MacGyvering! Lovely word so I shall use it! You have a clever Dad there Mouse. Orchid and Roo say to tell you that they are very relieved your food and treats were safe.

  12. nanacathy2 says:

    Tell Mum that one day they will all laugh about the mishaps- they are the things that make family memories. Enjoy your holiday.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi, Miss Cathy, I expect Dad wishes he’d thought to take a photo of muddy Mum… Mum, on the other hand, says she’ll be ready to laugh about it as soon as the foot stops hurting…

  13. Terri says:

    My goodness Mouse, your poor mum and dad sure have had their share of misadventures on the first day of your trip. Since mishaps come in threes, you can all enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Terri! Well, to be fair, two of the misadventures happened to Mum and one to Dad. Mine came last night in the shape of a Big Thunderstorm, which I hate. Mum sat with me on my bed and rubbed my back and talked quietly to me while all the banging and crashing was going on. I’m quite zorsted this morning and although I’ve just had breakfast and my first walkies, I’m going back to sleep!

  14. I understand. I broke a jar I was taking it to the recycling can. Three minutes later I opened the refrigerator and an entire door shelf broke — tossing hot sauces, capers, and jams to the floor. I am now sitting very quietly lest there’s a third small disaster waiting to happen.

    • katechiconi says:

      Mum says she understands too… she calls it “the blind animosity of inanimate objects” but she feels we’ve each had our dose of bad luck for this trip, so she’s not going to passively wait for another boot to fall…

  15. Steph (and Shinee) says:

    Thanks for the review of this campground! We’ve thought of staying there several times but never done it. Nice to know what it’s like!

    • katechiconi says:

      Ooh, I think you’ll like it! Mum says the fully fenced dog park is an absolute boon, just a very brief stroll from where we were camped and I could read all the comments and leave plenty of my own, as it’s quite large, certainly enough to do serious zoomies. Mum says the staff are lovely, the facilities are great, and she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

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