Floribunda #8, and other stuff

It’s me, Mouse.

I’m dead worried, I can tell you. The Staff have been striding (Dad) and lurching (Mum) about all day, moving Stuff from one place to another. There was a distinct lack of routine activities, and I Don’t Like It. To be fair, they didn’t stint on the treats or the belly rubs. I think the score evened out at two frozen chicken necks, one bit of beef jerky, one bit of chicken jerky and a dried lamb bite. I got a walk and two runs in the yard, and several up-to-scratch dog-worship sessions in, including one on the bed this morning. But. I know there’s something going on. My Number 2 pillow and blankie have disappeared somewhere. Any minute now Bad Monkey (fluffy Mouse-toy, slayed horribly on a regular basis – Mum) will follow suit. I tell you what it is: we’re off on another trip! (Well-spotted, that sighthound – Mum).

Mum did herself a bit of a mischief the other day when she dropped a glass frying-pan lid on her broken paw. I must say, the language was surprisingly, um, salty, and I’m a sophisticated doggo… She’s also getting impatient for it to mend, and took her Boot off today. Mistake. The Boot’s back on again and she’s hobbling worse than she has been for a couple of days. Never mind, we’ll all have a nice long trip tomorrow and the day after, apparently, and she can rest her paw then.

So, this afternoon, while Dad was fiddling around in the back of the ute (pickup to you non-Australian types), arranging boxes and crates and fridges and tool-bags, Mum decided – finally – to take the weight off. So of course, she had to sew something. Apparently it’s rather colourful. I wouldn’t know… I’m a dog.

She says this is Block 9 of the Floribunda quilt, which is now going to be for her niece. Originally there was no yellow/orange and purple, but there was a special request for yellow, and this is how it’s being used. Apparently Mum is bringing hand work with her, but not this quilt, which needs a machine, cutting table and ironing board.

Instead, she’s bringing bags of scraps. It seems she’s already begun the next Days for Girls quilt, heaven help us. Is there no end to the scraps?  And I ask this as a doggo who enjoys his scraps; one of my favourite ways of making my displeasure known is to have a good rootle in her rubbish bin and spread the contents across the sewing room floor. It can get quite, um, artistic!

I’ll be posting more from the road, so paws crossed for better weather than we’re having here: Hot and wet. There’s nothing wrong with Mum’s fingers, so she can take dictation, as usual, and I happen to know there’s a bag of treats in her purse, so I shall be graciously accepting some of those to stimulate my creative juices. (Let’s hope they don’t stimulate anything else, Mr Fluffbum – Mum).

Look out for more thrilling episodes of… The Travels of Mouse!

50 thoughts on “Floribunda #8, and other stuff

  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Have a wonderful trip. We in the UK are very jealous- still in Lockdown the third. Please tell Mum to look after her poorly paw. xx

    • katechiconi says:

      I passed on the message, Miss Cathy, but she clearly wasn’t paying attention (nothing new there, then). She took me for my constitutional after dinner, tripped over a hidden tent peg in the grass, and has now wrenched the sore paw again. She says she’s never going to get out of that dratted boot. Only she wasn’t so ladylike about it….

  2. Bear says:

    Have a really nice trip, Mouse! We who are living in deep freeze winter with tons of snow are in envy of warmth…even a small glimpse of sun. It’s 17F here this morning, windchill -5F. Brrr… I love your Mum’s florabunda quilt squares. they are so bright and cheerful! 🙂 ❤ In our world, the fish are being fish, and the snails, snails. they don't really care to be involved with us servants unless it's morning feed time. We've talked about adopting another kitty…if we can find one that isn't too too expensive at the animal shelter. Can't wait to see road trip scrappy's! 🙂

  3. Hey Mouse, you’re back! You’ve been quiet for a long while now. A trip somewhere should be great, it’s always good to have a break from one’s usual routine and of course Dad will be responsible for your walks and calls of nature. Your poor Mum needs to keep her foot elevated as much as possible. Please tell her that I’m blown away by Block 9 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      Miss Jill! I’m back! I wish Mum had read this earlier. BEFORE she tripped over a hidden tent peg at the campsite and wrenched that paw again. Dad has put his foot down, if you’ll excuse the pun. Mum says you can’t keep a good pun down, and her influence is rubbing off… Hopefully the rest of the trip will be less eventful, as I need my rest. Lots of people like block 9, but to me, it’s mostly tasteful shades of grey with a bit of bluey-yellowy thrown in.

      • Hey Mouse, sorry for the delay in responding to your reply. I’ve had the oddest week and I’m still trying to recover… But your poor mum, I know from experience that tent pegs are Not Good. What she says about puns is very true, and I’m delighted to see that you are becoming a pundit. xx

      • katechiconi says:

        Hi Miss Jill! Oh, very good! A pun pundit! I hope your week improves…

      • It already has, dear Mouse, everything is slowly but surely falling into place.
        And by the way, referring to our earlier discussion about the word ‘wonk’, it wouldn’t have bothered me if it WAS in fact a “rude” word. Sometimes a rude word is just exactly what one wants, and the ruder the better. I last uttered some Seriously Rude Words when I tripped over a box in the garage earlier today. (hahaha, what was I just saying about things falling into place!?!)

      • katechiconi says:

        I’d say tripping over a box is a perfect example of falling into place! Mum is a great believer in ‘salty’ language when used appropriately to relieve feelings..

      • oh good, something else we have in common then 😉

  4. kymlucas says:

    Hope the trip goes smoothly. Here in Ohio, we are Very Sick of Winter!

    • katechiconi says:

      Miss Kym, I’m not at all surprised. I’ve never seen snow or ice, but they tell me it’s cold, nasty stuff. The nearest I’ve come is a nice frozen chicken neck on a hot day…. Mum says she wishes it was cold enough to put her sore paw in a nice cosy Ugg boot. Humans… They’re all bonkers.

      • kymlucas says:

        Dearest Mouse, I’m quite sure Mum would be pretty tired of winter by now also, although there’s definitely some joy to be found in wearing snuggly clothing and shoes. 😉❄️🌨🌬⛄️☃️

      • katechiconi says:

        I know! I have a very smart winter coat for when the temperature is low on winter mornings! Not that you’d think it was cold, probably….

      • kymlucas says:

        Probably not. 🙂 But it’s warming up. Hit the mid 40s today. About 7 C. My morning “walkies” were lovely!

      • katechiconi says:

        I’m glad it’s not so very cold any more. Mum has been worried about all the poor people without power or water in such a hard winter.

      • kymlucas says:

        Especially Texans, who are unaccustomed to cold. And sounds like their power grid is unregulated, which means people are getting heating bills in the $1000s.

  5. We hate it when routine is all at sixes and sevens too Mouse. A trip sounds nice though. We haven’t been anywhere for AGES! Make sure Mum keeps her paw safe and rested so normal walking can be resumed. We will enjoy hearing more about the trip. Roo and Orchid

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi, Roo and Orchid! Nice to hear from you! Things have settled down now, and we’re on No. 2 routine, which is The Caravan. It’s just the packing bit I hate. Mum is in the wars. She was taking me for my post-dinner, ahem, evacuations, and caught The Bloody Boot in an old tent peg hidden in the grass and went tail over snout. She landed in a patch of mud and was nearly as black as me…. Dad says no more walkies with Mum for the foreseeable future on account of wrenching the broken foot Yet Again. Hope he’s feeling energetic!

      • Oh your poor Mum! It’s not good when the staff are off duty sick! Hopefully if you are on your travels Dad will have time to take you for good walks and they will find some of those doggy parks where you can run and play with other doggos while they just stand around chatting. What Mum will need is lots of attention from you because rubbing your tummy and giving you treats is easy to do with her foot up. And dictate lots of info about your adventures – that is another reason to sit down. O & R

      • katechiconi says:

        Hello again! We’ve just arrived at the latest campsite, and they have a huge fenced play area just for doggos! And Mum says the bathroom is amazing! It smells really nice here, and the Staff are going to have a quiet day tomorrow so Mum’s paw should mend a bit. It might not make for very exciting reading, though….

      • Lucky you! That campsite sounds perfect. Look after Mum – she’s a keeper!

  6. Dayphoto says:


    • katechiconi says:

      Miss Linda! So far, so good, from my point of view. Dad was using Bad Language about something at the beginning of the trip, and Mum bashed the bad paw again at the end, but I was quit comfortable in my nest in the back of the ute – and they brought Bad Monkey for me to play with! He’s my favourite toy 🙂

  7. Marty K says:

    Enjoy your trip. Kate, I’m sorry about the double whammy to your foot — hopefully, Mr. Mouse will give you some extra lovin’.

    • katechiconi says:

      Mouse is my very good doggo, even if he does expect an awful lot of secretarial services from me on trips, and his dictation speed is rather fast! He says I should stop chatting and carry on banging away on my silver plank with my front paws…. (I never said he wasn’t demanding!).

  8. Happy Holidays Mouse Boy and tell mum to elevate her foot a bit while in the car as hanging it for long periods of time will cause her grief.
    The block is beautiful as always and the colours are spectacular 😍
    I’m sad coz we were meant to meet up for cuddles next week but it’s not happening this year 😢
    Hopefully next year once we are all vaccinated we can meet again.
    In the meantime have a super trip and tell mum to put pics up abd stories of the day as I will be waiting patiently to see your adventures 🤩
    Love & hugs to mum & dad and a big kiss to you 💝

    • katechiconi says:

      Too late, Aunty Chippy. She’s banged it up again, tripping over a tent peg hidden in the grass. She says she’s clearly fated to wear the Boot of Doom forever. Dad says it was Not A Good Day, because something went wrong with something and he had to do something blah blah blah. I dunno, I’m a Dog, don’t expect me to understand! Mum says she expects tomorrow will be better. Meanwhile, I have a full belly and comfy bed and all is well 🙂

  9. Happy and safe travels Mouse of The Back Seat…
    Those colours… wow… our Sunday morning weather is warm-cool-humid-showery, the light is a bit dull but when I scrolled down the screen… they popped!

    • katechiconi says:

      Aunty Dale! Hi! How’s my mate Deez? Oh, yes, manners: the trip was OK, a couple of hiccups, but we’re set up for the night and I’ve had a nice dinner and am now lolling on my bed dictating to Mum. She says she’s very happy you like the block 🙂

  10. anne54 says:

    Happy (and safe) travels to you and your staff, Mouse! I have a little job for you….whenever you see your Mum up on her feet, give her a little wet nose nudge to remind her to sit down and rest her foot. It is obviously not healing as well as she would like ~ and dropping the frying pan lid on it would not have helped! Are you up for the job?

    • katechiconi says:

      As I said to Aunty Chippy aka Vera, it’s all too late. Mum has done it again and bashed the foot for the third time, but at least she didn’t break it AGAIN. Dad had some moments earlier in the day when the Anderson plug came out, dragged on the ground and disintegrated, miles from nowhere. Luckily, I have a very clever Dad and he MacGyvered a solution till we could get to a shop that sold the bits he needed. It has been an interesting day, but in the Chinese sense of “may you live in interesting times”…

  11. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it once you are on the road again. Happy trip to all of you !

  12. magpiesue says:

    That block is BEE-you-tiful! Since I’m backtracking, I already know about the tent peg incident. I had no idea about the frying pan lid. Mum truly could be president of the klutz klub. 😉

  13. That’s gorgeous! Mouse, tell Mum she’s a wonder. Also, tell her to stay off that paw! Humans are unfathomable.

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