Fancy Footwear

I’m a long-term member of the Klutz Klub.

I stub my toes, I cut, prick, mash and burn my fingers, bang my elbows, smack hard objects with outlying parts of my anatomy, and if there’s a head-level item within cooee, I’ll hit my head on it. Show me an innocuous obstacle and I’ll find a way to trip over it. It’s not usually enough to cause serious or lasting damage, but I can proudly boast an unusual number of small scars, I’ve broken most of my toes and several of my fingers, and it’s really just as well I have a hard head.

So, well, the sensation of breaking bones is not new. Everyone knows what it’s like to stub a toe, but to that you add an additional sharp spike of pain, enough to make you nauseous. Yup, that’s a break. This time, it’s my right 5th/pinkie/little toe. Toe meets bedside table at 3am on trip to the bathroom. Toe bends outwards at angle not intended by nature, with some force. Time for a visit to my friends in the X-ray department, followed by 10 days in The Boot.

Stylish, isn’t it? And so lovely to be obliged to wear it in the heat and humidity of the Queensland summer. But with the toe strapped firmly to the one next door and this thinly disguised plank strapped firmly to my foot, I’m actually out of pain for the first time in many hours. Oh, and the tasty pain relief helps too.

With any luck, I might be allowed to take it off just in time to go on holiday…

69 thoughts on “Fancy Footwear

  1. My poor angel ๐Ÿ˜‡ Glad itโ€™s wrapped up and out of harm as way.
    Queensland borders opening this week … we could have gone to NH !!! Iโ€™m so sad ๐Ÿ˜ž

  2. cedar51 says:

    Oh no….I suggest you make some layered booties that are soft enough to slip into when you “need to get out of bed in the night” or is it time to makeover the hard furniture.

    A few problems across the ditch with “hopefully small community outbreak here” – caused by something about the restrictions at the managed quarantine facilities. Some people are so sure we are for lockdown again – but I think that most places in the Southern Hemisphere have more technology and knowledge now to apply – ring fence quicker or similar.

    • katechiconi says:

      Any normal person would be able to navigate around the hard stuff… It’s just that my super-power is klutzhood! Fingers crossed your minor breakout is just that, minor.

  3. mlmcspadden says:

    Hope it heals quickly!

    • katechiconi says:

      Me too, it’s really rather painful! If only it wasn’t the outside toe; wearing this boot puts pressure on the outside of my foot. But what can you do? It needs to be protected.

  4. Emmely says:

    Ouch! And that must indeed be very warm. I hope it heals soon!

  5. tialys says:

    Ouch! Who is walking Mouse?

    • katechiconi says:

      The Husband is off for a couple of days and is walking Mouse, but I’ll have to walk Mouse myself when he’s back at work, unless I can convince a local friend who also has a greyhound to do it for me. Mouse doesn’t get on with her Lotti, who is a pushy, noisy, opinionated female, so they can’t be walked together. It’s not a big worry, short walks for a while won’t hurt him.

  6. claire93 says:

    hope little pinkie mends quickly!

  7. Oh bugger! I can relate – I’ve broken my left foot, pinky finger on right hand and two toes on left foot, all from being clumsy. I don’t even bother to go for x-rays anymore!!!

  8. Ouch. Here I was hoping to see you shoeing (geddit!) off stylishly. Not what I had in mind, nor you. Hope it heels quickly.

  9. For years I tried not to put the light on when heading to the loo in the night thinking it would wake me up too much. After several collisions with objects (luckily without breaking anything) I decided it was safer to lose a bit more sleep and now put the bedside light on before leaving the bed. However I do not have anyone to wake up by doing so. I hope your toe mends quickly and you can get that boot off.

    • katechiconi says:

      I’ve actually done it hundreds of times with my eyes fully closed. Also, we have a tiny ‘wheat-grain’ nightlight on at night in the loo, which is literally 4 steps from my bed. It shouldn’t have been too hard to walk such a short distance, one I know very, very well, without causing myself a damage, but apparently it was too much to ask! Plus it certainly woke me up very fully! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. jmcheney says:

    I have broken my r. big toe twice in falls, 4 ribs in 3 falls & 1 childbirth, & compressed my spine from falling because my big foot caught in my bell-bottoms stepping up to a curb. I too am a born klutz with big flat feet. I have often said my end will come by foot. The “wee hr.” bedroom to bathroom trot is especially hazardous. Oh, what is to be done? I am so sorry for pain, Kate, & happy you’ve had the x-ray & found relief. Be very careful.

    • katechiconi says:

      The silly thing is that it hurts out of all proportion to the size of the damage, but I guess feet are probably fairly full of nerves in order that we can maintain our upright stance. I wish it hadn’t happened, but I know it’ll fix itself in its own time so long as I’m not too reckless!

  11. I’m a member of the same Klutz Klub. UGH!
    However, I’ve never broken a bone in all my klutziness – for that I am grateful.
    Take care and try to be patient for a complete healing.

  12. Heal quickly. I have the sibling boot if you want a pair. This Klutz fell into a ditch and sprained my ankle last week. I know how badly I hurt and it was not broken. Take care

  13. Sharon says:

    Bedtime potty wake and walks are always treacherous! Quick healing thoughts coming your way

    • katechiconi says:

      Normally, 4 short steps wouldn’t have been an issue, but my balance isn’t the best when I first wake up, and my feet are partially numb anyway from post-chemo neuropathy. It’s a recipe for disaster, really, isn’t it?

  14. craftycreeky says:

    Ooh, hope it mends quickly, at least your hands are free ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. kymlucas says:

    ๐ŸฅบSo sorry to hear of your mishap, but glad you have a holiday to look forward to.

  16. ouch! and what elegant footwear. Has this put a stop to Mouse walkies?

    • katechiconi says:

      For a while. I did walk him the other morning, before I realised that actually, the pain was unreasonable and I’d probably done more damage than I initially thought. Mind you, it was a very short walk! The Husband walked him yesterday and today, and we’ll see about Saturday.

  17. I have learned I cannot move anywhere barefoot. I will also always injure my feet and they hurt enough without that. I feel your pain, literally. Was at the podiatrist yesterday discussing whether I would have a bunion dealt with that has caused pain on every other toe on my foot. Hitting any of those toes feels like what you just described. I hurt for you here. I am not the least bit envious of your new shoe especially in summer. I have to sleep with socks on and slip into slippers before standing up to lope anywhere in the middle of the night. So sorry to hear you have klutzed again. Showering like that is just awful. Heal quickly, dear heart.

  18. Dayphoto says:

    Oh! Shoot! I hope you heal quickly. Sigh.

  19. I’m sorry to hear you were attacked by a bedside table. Unfair! It was dark and you were sleepy.

    I am a fellow member of the Mash, Bang, Crunch Club. I have scars from burns and bashes and a bad encounter with an angry turkey; swollen knees from repeated dislocations; random bruises from forgotten collisions. Apparently I’m still adjusting to the physics of this planet. I’ve broken a few toes and know it’s more debilitating than most imagine, with weeks of painful hobbling before healing is complete. May the planet’s immutable forces be kind to you from here on out.

    • katechiconi says:

      I’m not sure it’s a matter of simple physics. It’s what I generally call ‘the blind animosity of inanimate objects’. They lie in wait for me. These days, I have to make a conscious effort to take a good grip on things, as cups of boiling hot tea have been know to slide straight through my neuropathic fingers. I have a fist-sized red scar on my stomach from where I tipped one such cup straight over myself 18 months ago. It produced a horrendous blistered burn which took forever to heal. Klutzhood is greatly overrated and I’d ideally like a refund on my membership!

  20. I have broken many toes. The black and blue swelling in the beginning is painful. The pain slowly fades. And then later in life those former broken bones hurt with arthritis. I hope your pain is minimal.

    • katechiconi says:

      I think one of the worst things about broken toes is that they’re hard to immobilise completely. This break is partly in the ball of the foot, which is why I have the dratted boot. It’s still at the fairly painful stage, but I’m hope it’ll have mended enough in a week or so to allow me to take the boot off. I can already tell what the arthritis is going to feel like, from the example of all the other broken toes!

  21. Carole says:

    Ouch! I know how surprisingly painful a broken little toe can be. In my case it was a door that jumped out and attacked me. Hope your toe makes a swift and painless recovery ๐Ÿ™‚

    • katechiconi says:

      We don’t realise how much the little toes help to balance us, how much weight they carry, and how vulnerable they are. It’s too late for painless (particularly after Mouse stomped on it doing his usual Breakfast Dance), but swift would be excellent!

  22. Constantly doing this, but never got a boot. Now I know they exist, I shall do something similar next time (I’m overdue. didn’t break or seriously slice anything last year!) Hugs!

  23. Oh no! Ouch!!!! I too am always bashing my toes but never so dramatically. I do hope it is mending quickly!

  24. rutigt says:

    And I thought I was clumsy ๐Ÿ™‚ I do hope your toe will heel alright and you donยดt have to wear that boot too long! Kram (hugs)

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