And so to bed…

I’m always short of sleep.

It’s an occupational hazard when you’re married to someone who works shifts. So I really value my time in bed, and insist on being comfortable. This includes not only the mattress and linens, the quilt, the patchwork pillowcases, etc, but also what I wear in bed. North Queensland is too hot for robes or dressing gowns, so some form of presentable nightwear is needed, whether it’s worn to sleep in or not.

On a recent fabric hunting and gathering foray I’ve previously mentioned ($75-worth of fabric for $15), I scored two pieces. which I thought would do for nightwear. Individually, at 1m and 1.5m respectively, they were too small, but combined, they worked. One was cotton poplin, a 1m piece and a separate .5m piece. The other was a printed satin, a 1m piece. The great thing was that although they were very different in style and design, the colours blended. I dug out some existing patterns and did some tweaking and cheating.

I stitched the two pieces of poplin together to make one larger piece, and used it to make a pyjama top. I shortened the original pattern and made it sleeveless. There’s a seam across the lower front, but it doesn’t bother me (pyjamas, OK…?). The pintucks give it a bit of interest and distract from the seam. I used bias binding on neck and armholes instead of self-binding to save fabric. It’s a pattern I know and love, having made it three times before, so I know it’s comfortable, and being cotton poplin, it will be cool and breathable.

For the bottom half, I’ve made shorts from the satin. I was able to squeeze them out of the fabric despite the fact that the pattern specified it needed another 30cm or so. I even managed pockets and ties. The only thing I had to ‘fudge’ was turning the small front waistband piece through 90 degrees, which I feel is hard to see once the front tie is done up. Satin for bed-shorts works quite well, as it doesn’t catch and bind on the sheets and ruck up uncomfortably.

Finally, another nice thing about this combination is that it doesn’t scream ‘nightwear’ if I have to answer the door in my pjs! Pity it’s taken me nearly a week of scattered, scatty work to complete. I hope to have my brain back in gear shortly. And in case you’re wondering why I’m not modelling them for you, I’m doing you a big favour there, OK?

Can’t wait to give them a test run…

40 thoughts on “And so to bed…

  1. claire93 says:

    love the fabrics!!! especially the one for shorts – looks like mermaid scales ^^

    • katechiconi says:

      It does a bit, also colourful Easter Eggs! I gave it a test run last night and it’s a very comfortable pair of pjs. Only one thought for the future: don’t sit on the edge of the bed in satin shorts…. I didn’t land on my backside, but it was close!

  2. kymlucas says:

    They do look beautiful!

  3. jmcheney says:

    Beautiful fabrics. I’m sure you are cool & comfy in these, and I’ll bet you look alluring too. And your husband Mouse would second & third that!

  4. We should always dress first for comfort but a little style is going a long way there. Very pretty fabric. Never thought of satin for the bottoms. Afraid I’d slide out of bed. They turned out quite lovely.

    • katechiconi says:

      You’re so right, comfy doesn’t have to mean frumpy. I love the colours… to be honest, if I’d had enough of the poplin, I’d probably have used that for the whole set, but the satin definitely has advantages when scooting down in bed!

  5. I never understood the blues and greens should never be seen thing… they look wonderful together, as do your pjs.

    • katechiconi says:

      Neither did I! It’s a great combination. And the pjs have now been test and are *very* comfy in the sub-arctic aircon temperatures preferred by the Husband for the bedroom.

  6. Marty K says:

    Love the serendipity of the two totally different fabrics being complementary!

    • katechiconi says:

      It was entirely a happy accident that I should two fabrics so well suited while I was diving in the remnants bin! Also very lucky that there was just enough of both to do what I needed.

  7. magpiesue says:

    Ooo, satin bottoms! That would go a long way to easing the effort of turning over in bed! πŸ™‚

  8. cedar51 says:

    oh, you’ve so smart with your “sewing” – and love that you’ve something that is okay to answer the door bell with.Love the combination fabrics and of course jealous of your “stitching it all together”

    I had a good long but not overly “this looks like nightie for winter” but that too hot now, so it’s back to my old petticoat – which isn’t “door bell” material at all. Fortunately I’ve a window that overlooks driveway – so I have time to hussle into my brilliant long red dressing gown, knowing I can whip it off pronto.

    I do have a sewing machine, a good one but it mainly sews my paper artworks. Today I nearly killed it as the table it has lived on broke. And I can’t see how to fix said table. For now machine is on display in living room and my work table will need to be cleared a bit …as I’m WIP on a whole lot of paper arty things…

    Sleep well my friend…it’s pretty humid and hot here across the ditch this evening, could be a long night….

    • katechiconi says:

      For winter, I can’t go past flannel pjs, presentable, cosy and comfortable, but for summer it’s sometimes difficult. Fabrics which are thin enough for coolness are often not opaque enough for modesty, and I loathe clingy T-shirt material for nightwear. Good luck sorting out your work table!

  9. How lovely… should have asked u to model them for me this morning 😍

  10. Those pjs are far too good for bed, I think you did a great job. Although I have to say, I’m a little gobsmacked at the idea of anyone wearing pjs in your kind of weather! Certainly for us, here, now, it’s too hot to wear anything. Even just to be covered with a single light sheet is almost too much sometimes. Somehow in the depths of my wardrobe I have a nice little sleeveless nightie, so if I can resort to that in an emergency (or if I go away on a holiday)…..aaaah, holiday…..wonder how long it’s going to be before we can safely think along those lines again.

  11. Emmely says:

    Even if it took you a week you’re still creating! Much fancier pj’s than I usually wear…

  12. tialys says:

    Ah! I like shorts as p.j.s but I always end up ‘taking in tomorrow’s washing’ if you get my drift. Satin could do the trick so thanks for the idea. I know satin pillowcases are supposed to be good for avoiding tangled hair and sleep creases (left it too late for that trick) but I’ve always worried they might be a bit sweaty.

    • katechiconi says:

      I know exactly what you mean. And satin sorts at least some of the causes; it doesn’t stay put when you move! For pillowcases, real silk satin is the go; it’s not sweaty because it’s a natural fibre. For these shorts, though, the polyester satin is fine.

  13. nanacathy2 says:

    They look very glamorous to me.

  14. tinaor says:

    They look very glamorous. I am sure I have frightened my postman when answering the door in my pjs!

  15. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    Love the fabric ! You’ll look like a diva πŸ˜€

  16. bearmkwa says:

    Love those colors! Working from remnants is so much fun. I scored a huge pile of fabrics at the thrifty this week. One piece is a good 4yards so there’s enough for a long skirt and maybe some accents on a blouse to go with. I love scoring fabric,too!

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s really satisfying achieving something pretty from what others regard as useless. And I particularly enjoy the challenge of getting a useful garment out of much less fabric than the pattern suggests, just by making a few tweaks.

  17. I love the fabrics and you are SO clever making things out of too little fabric without it looking skimped!

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